: 1985 custom Cimarron

04-03-06, 03:45 PM
Hi I have a 1985 Cimarron that was custom made for the game show Wheel Of Fortune. There were only 2 made. The problem I am having is that the bumper covers have cracked and broken. If there is anyone out there that may know where I could find those parts I would really appreciate it. I am in southern California

Andy Addison
09-08-06, 01:22 AM
Well shoot, I have the same problem with my 85 and when I saw your question I was hoping you had some good replys. I've taken my old bumper caps off so they wouldn't get any worse and I figured I would try to find someone to copy them using plastic, rubber, metal or wood, whatever. I haven't tried but a few places without much luck. My Cimarron looks like a rolling pile of junk, like most Cimarrons do these days, but I will fix it up once I've figured out what to do about the bumper caps. If you find the answer call me at 706-375-1215.