View Full Version : Just got an alarm installed... What to do about shady installer?

04-03-06, 10:49 AM
I just got a clifford matrix 10.5x intalled in my car and had a few problems with the store I got it from... Which is suspossed to be the best around here...

First I go in and they ask for my keys right away, no explanation, no paperwork...

Then they tell me to come pick it up at 3:00 and at that time it was 10:00 am. Well, I call to see if it was finished and they said, to come and get it at 5:30. I show up at 5:30 and they tell me to come back in 20 minues. Then I come back in 20 and end up waiting for another 45 minutes...

By now its dark and the store is closed but me and 3 of my friends are still there waiting...

Finally they come and tell us its ready and that because of the age of my car, the wiring is crazy and that their company gave them wrong wiring diagrams for the car which made it hectic for them all day...

They finally do my paperwork, and I pay for the alarm...$500 installed with backup siren... Im like, shit... this better be a good alarm. They say theres a lifetime warantee yet I didnt recieve any warantee on paper...

I go out and the installer didnt explain much, and hands me the keys..

He says, " Yeah, since it took so long I installed a better shock sensor than the one it came with..."

At first I was thinking cool, but since I can read people and I read this dudes bullshit face, I said, "I thought this already came with a duelzone shock sensor?" He said "No, I dont think your model comes with that one.."
So I think, ok, I need to get the hell out of here so Ill check when I get home. So I check the box, and Indeed, the alarm comes with the duel zone shock sensor...

Im thinking, damn, and I call up the store, they gave me the installer and he said, oh, I thought you had the other version of the alarm, yeah then you got the sensor it came with...Now Im sitting here thinking what the ****, how can I know for sure?

04-03-06, 09:49 PM
But the question remains...does it work?

I still am thinking about getting a better security system with remote start installed in my '95 Fleetwood, but am a little worried about finding a place who would do it properly, especially with it being an oddball car.

04-04-06, 09:40 PM
I have a Viper on my caddy. It was installed by Best Buy. If you are looking for someone who is going to do it right, I would suggest somewhere like that. Best Buy, Circuit City, Hifi Buys etc, they will give you your warrenty and all. Not to mention if u travel a lot in your car like I do, any one of these stores in any states will honor the warrenty. This comes in handy...
As for your wiring when mine was done at Best Buy, installer told me that they had the wrong wiring diagram on file and he had to figure it out as well. Took him a little while, no where near as long as it took your installer though.

04-05-06, 02:07 PM
For beginners you'll know if it's a dual zone shock sensor or not this way....

If you hit the car lightly it should give you a warning beep just a mild beep or two but if you hit the car hard almost as if you were about to break the glass then the alarm should sound off fully for about 30 seconds or more.

Second every car installer even the best can have a bad day and having a bad diagram can make it hell....trust me I've worked at one before and it's not easy because first you have to deal with being cramped on your back in very very limited space most of the time looking up your arms cramp etc.

Second I believe the alarm you received has everything like remote start so depending on how many features your alarm had time will vary a lot for example a keyless entry system only takes about 2 hours to do but a remote start/trunk opener/hood sensors for remote start/back up siren(adds 45 mins to install time) is usually 5 hours with a perfect wiring diagram without diagram it's an easy 6-8 hours.

With a remote start alarm if you don't have the wiring colors you basically have to go through 5X the many wires to find the right one's. All this adds upto a few more hours and time passes by quickly when your working on the car as opposed to waiting for the vehicle to get done.

Does the alarm operate correctly? You must have received a manual correct?

In my experience the installers don't usually show the customer how the alarm operates unless the customer asks because if the employee is showing the customer the alarm operations it can also be seen as if the employee is slacking off or chatting and I've seen people get in trouble before because of this. Usually the manual should be read by the customer and most importantly every function of the alarm should function as the manual says it should.

I probably made the post a little too long but usually the installers don't get enough credit in this back breaking stressful work. As long as you don't have to go back and get it rechecked for faulty wires I would say it's a good deal if you have a good alarm install that lasts the life of the car. On the other hand you could have had a fast install with a couple come-backs for a faulty installation.

Last thing I have to say is remember that any extended wait times hurt the business more than the customer, the one thing a business wants is to complete the job a.s.a.p. in order to bring another car in for more profits but this isn't always a perfect world..........

04-14-06, 08:06 AM
Also check to see in your manual, how many remotes can be programmed to your alarm & how many remotes did the installer give you. Where I live we know in certain areas, they do a heck of a good job on installation, but will program a 3rd remote to come back & get your vehicle. It happens all the time in PG County Maryland. If you dont feel comfortable, take it to another shop to have someone check it behind them, if your feeling funnt about the shady shop.