: Bolt size for frt pass lower door hinge?

04-02-06, 09:47 AM
yo gang!
I did an extensive search here for the two Bolt sizes (prob both are same size) for front passenger lower door hinge (attaches hinge to door).

Did find this info w/pn's , diagrams, etc. [URL="http://www.pqparts.com/gmusa/cadillac_category_detailview.asp"] It is a 2001 Catera; http://www.pqparts.com/partscatalogs/cadillac/pictures/parts/OV10_015~3.jpg
I need the equivalent of Bolt #7 in diagram, View A, but for lower hinge - assuming it is same for lower hinge bolts. The bolt does not have a smooth shoulder area but is fully threaded

I tried a 7 x 1.0 30mm (all threads, not shank style) from homie depot but it is too large; top bolt is stripped, bottom bolt is missing, resulting in crunching when door is opened, swung, or closed.

I know I can go to smaller sizes and test, but car is on-the-move a lot and daughter works too much for me to get to it in a decent time of day or even a wave-by.

My last resort is fully supporting door and removing remaining bolt; going to NAPA, etc. and getting a match set, but as I mentioned, car is on trips and we're not close to her home.
TIA my friends!:thumbsup:
edited; corrected my bolt size error and added the bolt does not have a smooth shoulder area but is fully threaded

04-22-06, 11:02 AM
I have narrowed it down to a M5 x 18
I'll try another Caddie dealer parts person monday; dealership where she bought it from won't help at all; too busy to look it up.
prob. tap stripped hinge hole w/SAE .228 and use the SAE bolt.

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04-23-06, 08:09 AM
thanks much guardian!!!! Will get it accomplished.
Appreciate your time & effort.

04-23-06, 09:56 AM
thanks much guardian!!!! Will get it accomplished.
Appreciate your time & effort.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, miesk5.

I sought out, located, and posted the below TSB with the hope it would assist you. But afterward I realized my post was NOT germane and would NOT help you. I tried to withdraw what I had done mistakenly, but was unable to discover a way to cancel my post and remove my error completely. Instead it ended up looking as it does now.

Hope you can forgive - I meant no harm or offense and I regret my inability to assist. I wish you good luck and success with your project.:)


Door Hinge - Noise When Opening Door

File In Section: 08 - Body and Accessories

Bulletin No.: 01-08-64-005

Date: March, 2001


Subject: Noise From Door Hinge Area When Opening Door (Install Reinforcement/Brackets)

1997-2000 Cadillac Catera
Built Prior to VIN Breakpoints YR176008

Some customers may comment on noise coming from the hinge area when opening the door.

The sheet metal around the check link attaching holes may be cracked.
Install reinforcement and brackets to the door inner panel using the following procedure:
1. For additional information during this procedure, refer to the Doors sub-section of the Service Manual.
2. Disable the SIR system.
3. Remove the door panel trim extension.
4. Remove the door lock knob.
5. Remove the door switch assembly.
6. Remove the tweeter speaker grill plate.
7. Remove the door panel screws.
8. Remove the OSRV mirror.
9. Remove the speaker.
10. Remove the door water deflector.
11. Remove the side door impact sensor plate rivets and plate.
12. Remove the front run channel bolts.
13. Tape off the door and fender edges to prevent damage.
14. Remove the door check link.
15. Disconnect the pass through harness between the door and fender.
16. Support the door for removal.

17. Remove the door hinge pins using Kent Moore Tool J 42081. See Figure 1.
18. Remove the door.
19. Remove the check link.

20. Drill out the check link bracket welds and remove bracket. See Figure 2.

21. Cut one of the two reinforcement plates on each side by 10 mm (3/8 in). See Figure 3.
22. Pre-paint both reinforcement plates and new check link bracket.

23. Locate the new check link bracket inside the door. Dimension A is 27 mm (1-3/16 in) Dimension B is 29 mm (1-5/16 in). Mark the position. See Figure 4.
24. Plug weld the eight weld locations.
25. Refinish the front door shell.
26. Assemble the reinforcement plates and check link to the door. The longer of the two reinforcements goes between the check link and new bracket and the shorter one goes on the front side of the bracket.
27. Install door and mount the parts in reverse order.

Parts Information
Parts are currently available from GMSPO.
Warranty information

For vehicles repaired under warranty use table as shown.

04-26-06, 03:37 PM
The TSb you provided is the solution to the 2001 door crunch problem. I ssaw the TSb via automatice e-mail message from the Forum before you deleted it here; so all is good.
I hope you don't think my prev. thank you wasn't sarcasm!!! I do thank you for your effort!

be well,

12-15-06, 08:10 AM
btw, we are getting NO help at all from 4 Cad dealers here; next on the list are dealerships over 50 miles away, but that is iffy since they say by phone, that they can not locate the kit cited in the TSB that consists of 2 brackets and 1 support. Yards don't want to pull out the items; will only sell complete door.
Weill try local body shops next; they can probmake the support,but the bracket may need a Macgyver solution.