: OBD1 chip reprogramming?

04-02-06, 09:44 AM
Does anyone have the tables for N* OBD1?

04-02-06, 09:56 AM
like what? fuel and spark? mmmm no..............

04-02-06, 02:28 PM
Im also trying to do speed limiter(but in a reverse manner).

04-02-06, 02:57 PM
speed limiter would be easier to find, just find the reference to it on the ALDL communication, back trace into the code to see where it gets compared to the calibration data. The speed limiter should be a single byte somewhere in the cal data. Good luck,

04-04-06, 07:38 PM
eldo? where are you in Fla?
Im in Oviedo

04-04-06, 07:53 PM
I'm in Oviedo as well. :bouncy:

04-04-06, 08:19 PM
Thats a twilight zone moment

04-04-06, 08:21 PM
Do you have any spare PCMs and ISC for 95?

04-04-06, 08:56 PM
I don't. All I have are TPS and IAC's from 96-99 northstars... Oh, and a plastic fuel rail or two. and an FPR. I think that's it. :hmm:

Oh, I DO have an intake from a 95... I'll sell it cheap if you want it, they crack if you're not careful tightening the bolts down... $20 pick up ;)

04-04-06, 09:01 PM
ditto on the intake.
Ive aquired an extra set of heads,and most parts except the block
and a spare longblock,now a spare 4t80e that Im hoping I can avoid installing
in one of the 95s for a while.
Got to put a motor in sons GTP this weekend so everything else will have to wait to break. Anyone in our area hord parts(like I do)?

04-04-06, 09:05 PM
I just picked up some spare heads to port about a week ago... gotta love how cheap the parts are for these cars... Paid $80 for them.

04-05-06, 04:46 AM
does the intake have the throttle body and ISC?

04-05-06, 09:22 AM
nope, just the plastic