View Full Version : 1999 vs 2001 wheels

04-02-06, 01:26 AM
Does anyone know for sure whether the 2000/2001 16x7 wheels will work on a 1999 Catera sport. The 99 are 16x7 also but everything i read about them say 5 bolt 110mm, the 2000/2001 all just say 16x7 5 bolt nothing about 110mm. Any help would be appreciated.

04-02-06, 06:42 AM
Your question is too tough for me, especially when you throw in "for sure".

So this is on background, only:

The 1999 Catera Sport suspension became, in 2000 and 2001, the basis for the STANDARD cars.

2000 and 2001 Catera Sports do NOT share the suspension of the 1999 Sport.

So bottom line there is a rationale, a plausible basis, for the wheels of the '99 Sport to be similar to the wheels of 2000 (at least) standard Cateras, and perhaps the 2001 standard Cats as well.

But no way can I say this is known to me "for sure".:)