: Hey Check Out What Im Doing....

1993 eldorado green1
04-01-06, 04:00 PM
well after almost 2 weeks the shop still has my 95 eldorado and they have it narrowed down to the timing just as i thought. the only problem is if i wait until there slow again so they can fix it, it might take a month or longer so today i cleaned out the garage, wiped the cob webs off the snap-ons and im gonna tear it down myself.

i am told that the secondary chain is serviceable in the car. it is the rear chain thats not timmed with the rest of the system. all i can do is try to re-time it and hope for the best.

i guess when he did the timing he didnt align it correctly. i am crossed on if these are interference motors or not, mitchell on demand 5 and all data both say they are not, but i have noticed alot of people on here say that they are. i guess we will have to see, its the only option i have at this point.

any and all pointers are welcome, and if anybody has done this before please chime in with pointers..

04-01-06, 06:11 PM
The N* is an interference engine, and will be damaged if the timing is too far off. My sugestion would be to dump theMitchell and No-Data and get your hands on a factory service manual. Without that, you'll pretty much be working int he dark. It IS possible to get to the timing chains with the engine in the vehicle, but it's EXTREMELY difficult. I wouldn't touch it unless I had a factory service manual on hand. Good Luck.