: Yet another newbie

01-14-04, 10:58 PM
Never thought I'd be saying this in my thirties but I am now the owner of 2 Cadillac's.

Wife purcashed 04 SRX last week. I should pickup my 04 Silver ESV in the moring.

Came accross this forum earlier today and have already found some great info. :yup:

the Sandman
01-15-04, 07:05 AM
Hey frowood - Welcome to the CadillacForums! Congratulations on the two brand new Caddies...you might want to look into picking up a CTS (or wait for the new STS) to complete the set... :p

Thanks for registering! :welcome:

01-15-04, 07:41 AM
Funny you say that, I was just reading the latest Road and Track and saw the latest CTS V. Looks great! 6 speed and all.

the Sandman
01-15-04, 07:59 AM
What a stable of Cadillacs you'd have then... :yup:

01-15-04, 08:41 AM
Welcome to the fold!