: Necessary Upgrades for 20"s? Advice/Opinions appreciated....

03-31-06, 10:02 PM
Well, with summer coming up id really like to get some nice rims for my car...

But Ive talked to a few mechanics and they've all told me that if I get 20 inch rims that I will not only decrease handling but possibly break parts inside of my car such as suspension parts and other parts inside...
They basically said that my car isnt made to have 20 inch rims, and if I do choose to get some that I cwill damage my car...

Now I asked them what if I upgraded shocks, struts and breaks and they said it would help....

What type of shocks and struts would I need, and is there more suspension parts that I would have to upgrade?

04-01-06, 12:33 AM
I dont know this for fact, but I have heard that puttin big rims on the car can bring about transmission probs, as well as braking problems as well as problems with turning. But, I have seen many Caddy's with 20s, I think u would be ok. It wont cause any problems with clearance or anything like that. You would really have to worry about that unless you were getting 22s.

04-01-06, 05:32 AM
20s would be fine. The increased rotating weight will have a negative effect on acceleration, braking, and shock absorption. Better brakes and new shocks would help.

04-03-06, 06:32 AM
The average set of 20's won't break your car.......

All you need is all new suspension including coil springs/struts and shocks.

With all new suspension parts your car will be fine. If trans problems do arise the real problem would be how would you know if it was the rims or not that caused the problem.

MOST i mean 95%+ cars that get their transmissions rebuilt or replaced have stock wheels it's not like upgrading rims fails transmissions etc.

Most problems you might have after putting 20's on shouldn't be attributed to the rims it's not like riding stock rims forever will keep your car from breaking down.

The ride is a bit stiffer and there's more repsonsive to the road in good and bad ways.

As long as you don't drive any more crazier/faster than you did with stock rims you'll be fine.

The one issue most people don't take care of is replacing their suspension after 10 years of use so if you put big rims on an old suspension the metal parts will fatigue easily in a few years.

04-03-06, 10:30 AM
Around how much would new coil springs/struts and shocks cost?

04-04-06, 10:15 AM
$400-$600 in parts maximum or you can do fronts first then rears or vice versa don't have to do all at once

04-04-06, 07:29 PM
You shouldn't have any problems with 20's. I've got 20's on my Caddy. My friend had 22's. My other friend had 24's. No transmission problems at all. The car will be slower because of the added weight.