: Exhaust

03-31-06, 05:53 PM
i was wanting to do some sort of exhaust on my catera for a while now but never knew what to go for. I was just considering the resanator cut off like i saw in one thread but not sure if emisons will pass in NJ. I know what ever exhaust i have will not have a deep sound due to the car being a v6 how ever does any one have any help on this what is good what is not.? also sound clips would be great if any one has any.

thank you.

04-01-06, 12:23 AM
Well, emission tests are done using a code reader anyway. I don't think that cutting off the resonator would affect the emission of the Catera. What the resonator do, in my opinion, is just to further silence the sound the car creates.

04-01-06, 08:21 AM
Well, first, I agree with you NJ inspections are an incredible PITA. Every inspection station in the state checks vigorously for emissions. And many (not all) of the inspection officers have an attitude. All that explains one reason, out of roughly 3000, I am pleased to be living now in PA. I do not enjoy emissions checks and we have none where I live. Still, I would expect altered exhaust to have minimal impact on your emissions outcome. This assumes you leave the CC alone.

But I disagree a six can't sound a proper exhaust note. Have you ever heard a Jaguar XKE? I believe, with the right pipes and the right "silencers", great result can be obtained with the Catera.

You need to shop hard on the net. Do not forget some Saab and Saturn vehicles also used an engine virtually the same as Catera. Perhaps you will be able to locate special exhaust components for these cars which might work.

04-01-06, 10:50 AM
I had my resonators removed a while back, and during the time i had it removed, I have a K&N air filter in my box and with the modification i made in the cold air intake pipe of the catera in front of the grills, the sound was awesome. I kept the stock mufflers and oh boy was the sound of the Catera deep. But it was a little on the loud side for my taste, so i removed the K&N filter and placed back a regular filter and I'm just a happy dude. If you are going to ask about how i modified the pipe in front of the grill, i just created more opening. I don't know if yours is still stock. Because a lot of Catera owners doesn't have the pipe in stock condition anymore, meaning the end of the pipe in front is already a big opening, without that bent tip that connects to a small hole going up the hood's direction. I can probably find a picture in my files next time to further explain what i am blabbing about here.

04-01-06, 01:36 PM
Google REMUS, they make systems for the Omega that fit perfect.
There is a guy on ebay that sells Remus exhaust systems.
At $500 the rear section isn't cheep but Remus has the best sound in the world (my personal taste).