View Full Version : '96 SDV Update...2 Codes...Help??

03-29-06, 10:11 PM
drove my '96 home from NY (1000 mi.) smooth as silk...not one stutter and plenty of power...truly a tank...wasn't white as he said but shale...rare color for the '96, reminds me of the color of the mid 60's Caddy's.

NOW...the problem...seller said the service ride control was on, but 50 mi into the trip home the "service engine soon" comes on THEN the "service transmission" comes on! Nothing wrong with either as far as I can tell, trans shifts fine...SERVICE ENGINE SOON stays on, seller said he had that cleared but came back on he also said the trans warning never came on...do I need a specific code and how do i get it, or??

Any help appreciated...I love the ride, and 24 MPG avg...Great!


03-29-06, 10:45 PM
Simultaneously press and hold the OFF & WARMER buttons. DTC's will be displayed on the DIC.
Find code definitions here.