: Need a new alternator......

03-29-06, 09:36 PM
I need a new alternator, sicne the bearing in mine is going. I'll probably get a reman, but I had a question. My '98 has the 180amp water cooled alternator. My question is, does anyone know whether or not the redisigned air cooled alternator used after 2000 will work in my car? It would be nice if I could swith to the new style and just reroute the coolant lines. It would make it less likely to fail again. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

03-29-06, 09:45 PM
You can use the 93-96(?) air cooled alternator. I'm not sure about the 2000's, they may have redesigned the belt routing. Now just because it bolts on, doesn't mean it will plug in, mind you... But it is cheaper, at $120 for a rebuilt model.

03-29-06, 10:08 PM
Will the previous gen alternator provide enough current for my car? What are they rated at? I would imagine that the harness that connects to it didn't change much over the years, but I'd probably be dead wrong in saying that. Perhaps I'll shoot the parts department a call tomorrow and ask if they know. The guy there has always been real helpful looking parts up for me.

03-29-06, 10:12 PM
There are 2 different versions, one with heated windshields, one for those without. Not sure about the differences......... I'd assume the heated windshield one can provide more current. Don't know what they're rated at.

03-30-06, 06:27 AM
Is this the whine you thought was the transmission? Hope so! I went with a GM factory new alternator when I did my motor re-birth though, I do not remember the price, it didn't matter at that point.

03-30-06, 07:28 AM
I'm pretty sure the 93-96 alternators are 140 amps, so you might have an issue there.
I wonder if there are 180 amp ones that aren't water cooled.. wouldn't mind one myself.

03-30-06, 07:50 AM
Just a thought, but when my bearing started to go bad I took the alternator in and had just the bearing replaced, $70. That was 30k ago and the thing is still running fine.

I would be careful using a "cheap" reman. alternator; even though they come with a lifetime warranty. I say this because the alternator is not easy to get at. I know on my wifes car I bought a "cheap" reman and I changed it every 6 months. I finally bought a good one because I was tired of changing the thing even though it was an 10 min job.

Just my thoughts.

03-30-06, 01:44 PM
If I was going to go the reman route, I would probably get a an AC Delco unit. I was thinking about just6 getting the bearing replaced, or even doing it myself if I could find somewhere to get the right one. Where did you take it to get the bearing pulled and replaced?

And yeah, this is the whine that me and four other tech all thought was the tranny. I guess I kinda lucked out on that one.

03-30-06, 02:15 PM
Well, apparently the alternator is only 140amps. It's strnge though, the Service manual I have only lists one model for all 1998 Sevilles. The only part number I've been able to find is 10464581. The cheapest Remanufactured one I've found so far is 461.95. I deally, I'd like to just get the bearing replaced, but I'm not sure where to take it.

03-30-06, 02:20 PM
call a shop that rebuilds alternators... look in the phone book under alternator repair. You might be surprised how much it would be to have it completely rebuilt.

03-30-06, 03:59 PM
Sounds good to me...I've got a phone book sitting right next to me. I'm gonna look in it and see what I can find.

edit: I just called Allied Battery System in Orlando, and spoke with the owner. He said it would probably be around $100-200 for a new set of bearings and install, possibly more if it needed anything else. That's not bad at all. I'm gonna call a few opther places around here and see what they say. The guy I spoek with seemed pretty cool and was real helpful. If I don't find anything else, I'll probably go over there monday to talk with them. Hell, $200 beats 461 anyday.

03-30-06, 07:45 PM
If you are in Orlando call TRS.
they can rebuild yours in an afternoon.
Last one I asked about was all new parts and cost was $100.
Im in Oviedo

03-31-06, 08:46 AM
just out of curiousity why is the watercooled considered "undesireable"? I relize moisture and alternator are bad so I'm guessing the possibility of leak more than anything be the "scare" with watercooleds?

03-31-06, 09:21 AM
Yep, it's just one more thing that can leak. That's why their implementation was short lived. They went back to aircooled in either 99 or 2000

03-31-06, 02:30 PM
TRS you say, is that short for something? You wouldn't happened to have their number handy would you parts68?

edit: I just lookd on the page in the phone book and found them. I'll give them a call later in a bit and see what they say. Thanks.

03-31-06, 03:08 PM
Just spoke with TRS and they said it would be around $280-300 to remove, rebuild, and reinstall the alternator. That seems pretty fair to me. Anyone know if I should look around a little more first and try and get a better price? I don't mind paying a little more to have it done at a reputable shop.

03-31-06, 05:05 PM
try www.excessiveamperage.com

they are known to build the best custom alternators for car audio so they should stand up fine without failing for normal use.

03-31-06, 07:32 PM
I didnt know that you wanted someone else to R&R so that price sounds fair.
A whole lot better than the caddy dealers???
BTW add Holler Olds(now Holler Chev) and Fountain Olds/GMC to your blacklist.

03-31-06, 10:25 PM
Ideally, if I had the time and space I would just pull the bearings myself and replace them, but I don't have anywhere to do it myself right now. It's easier for me to take it to a shop and have it done. Plus, $300 is alot better than $1000, which was the quote I recieved from the dealer for installing an AC Delco reman. alternator. The alternator itself still works perfectly, it's just the bearings. I'd rather save $100 and put new bearing in my current one, than another $100-200 on ordering a whole reman. alternator that I'm just gonna have to pay someone to put in anyway. TRS seems pretty familiar with the N* layout too, since the guy I spoke with recognized the engine as soon as I mentioned 1998 Seville. They must get a a few of them in there every now and then.

Tommy Deville
03-31-06, 11:11 PM
Wow You learm somthing new everyday, I had no Idea the Alternator was water cooled.

04-01-06, 05:40 AM
Only some of them were. I think it's specific to the STS, and 98+ model years. I know my ETC has a regular air cooled unit.

04-01-06, 10:04 PM
Tell them the guy that sent you started doing business when they were a real Hole In the Wall place at Silver Star and John Young.
That was over 30 yrs ago.

04-02-06, 09:51 AM
Alrighty then, will they know who you are? I mean, I'll tell them, but I don't wanna sound like an idiot though..know what I mean...haha.:rolleyes:

04-06-06, 01:49 PM
Well, the whine was worse today, so I took another look. This time, I grabbed a long section of fuel tuning I had so I could listen for where the sound was coming from. Put the tubing up next to the end of the alternator pulley and revved the engine to around 3500rpm. Nothing. Not a single abnormal sound except for a slight, intermittent squeak which I think was the hose rubbing again another hose for the A/C Evaporator drier...anyway. I went to the other side of the car and pressed the end of the tube up against the transmission case about half way down under there the fill cap is. Once again, I revved teh engine to about 3500rpm. As soon as it crossed over the 2500rpm mark I heard this high pitched srill coming through the case clear as day. I don't know what they're doing over at this dealer, but I should be able to do a better job with just a piece of 1/4" fuel tubing. I mean..seriously, are they putting their should up to the fender and listening for nosies or something? It's just pathetic. I've been had on two seperate occasions now, and it's really startign to piss me off. I've got an appointment for tomorrow which is going to get interestign as soon as I walk in the door.

04-06-06, 06:25 PM
Massey in Sanford?

04-06-06, 10:46 PM
Nope Massey on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the conidtion of the fluid when my buddy and I checked it this afternoon. For starters, I checked it a week ago (while hot) after I got back from class just out of curiosity. I pulled the cap and looked at the fluid. It was still nice and red at the time. It had only been in there about a week or so. I check it today and it was turning dark brown, and smell like my tranny was was toasting some clutches. Needless to say, the whine is now present off idle, and the fluid is pretty much trash. THe noise is most prevelant right in the location of the primary and secondary pumps which I have a feeling are being starved of fluid do to the dirty filter screens that they never changed after I requested them. I'm goin in there ready to open up a can of whoopass on them if they try to give me shit. This is now a misdiagnosed comeback. That's pretty sad on their part, especially when the problem is so easy to see. Bad alternator bearing? My ass.....I'm abotu ready to flip out on someone the second I walk in there. Hopefully I can keep it together long enough to gte this crap straightened out. I'm fed up with this. I'm so glad I'm moving back home in about three weeks. I won't have to deal with Massey anymore.