View Full Version : 77 fleetwood spare tire problem

03-29-06, 12:42 PM
Hi, I have a problem which i am hoping someone could help. I have a 77 fleetwood. It has 4 wheels disc. when i bought the car, it never had a spare tire (a donut) so i bought one on ebay specifically for my 77 fleetwood. mint condition.....well, i had a flat and went to put the donut spare on the car. the car didn't budge an inch. the rim of the spare for the car must have been for drum brakes because the spare was hitting the caliper. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SPARE DONUT FOR MY CAR WITH 4 WHEEL DISC? Any help is appreciated.

03-29-06, 11:52 PM
I would suggest just getting a fullsize wheel and tire. they are easy to get. pretty much any chevrolet fullsize 5 lug will fit with in the last 40 years

03-30-06, 12:01 PM
cool, thats an idea. i was unsure if any gm would fit. i guess i need to find a gm with 4 wheel disc. thanks. any ideas?

03-30-06, 12:08 PM
Just get a old wheel off one of those era Devilles or Fleetwoods as a spare. That's what the spare in my '79 Deville was.

03-30-06, 01:15 PM
The proper compact spare is the blowup type, the one that has the CO2 cyl that blows it up to proper size tire. But they are scarce these days, and the CO2 likey is scarcer!

You can get a spare from a 94-96 Caprice 9C1 or Impala SS, they will have one that clears the caliper most likely too.

03-30-06, 08:31 PM
I believe that was called the space saver spare. I used to have one of those with the CO2 bottle and the deflated tire. They are hard to find!

03-30-06, 09:44 PM
I found one in the trunk of a car at a junkyard once with a full co2 bottle and unused spare anybody know what those things might be worth I paid around $20 just so I could have one in addition to a fullsize spare