View Full Version : Should the Fleetwood have its own area?

01-09-03, 02:28 PM
Originally, the Cadillac Fleetwood section was seperate. As the forum evolved over the past week or so, I moved it into the DeVille section. Since then, there's been a couple of requests that it be a stand-alone section. Please vote and let me know how you'd like it to be. Also, please explain why it should stand alone and be seperate from the DeVille section..

Thank you!

lux hauler
01-09-03, 04:03 PM
I think it would be a good idea if there's enough demand.

01-09-03, 04:43 PM
That's what I'm looking to find out right now.. If a decent percentage of people feel that there should be, I'll go along with it. I doubt anyone will really oppose it happening.. I'd just like to make sure I ask everyone before I just go ahead and do it...

01-09-03, 04:47 PM
Oh, a question.. If I were to recreate a Fleetwood forum - would the Brougham and Sixty Special come along with it? There were a few Fleetwood Broughams. Right? And the 60 Specials were very similar some time ago...

01-09-03, 07:58 PM
For now I say just put the Fleetwood name up with the Deville name and when there is more people in here then we could devide the 2 up.

01-09-03, 08:58 PM
I like that idea so much that I'll just go and add Fleetwood into the name right now.. Of course, I still want to see how the vote goes here...

Anthony Cipriano
01-10-03, 02:39 PM
it seems pretty good the way it is now. what does everyone else think?

01-11-03, 11:29 AM
well i think just leave it as is until it gets going. But, if you moved it, the brougham would come with but the 60 would stay with the deville. The fleetwood and brougham were one in the same for a while, so it makes sense that they stay together. The 60 was more of a deville than fleetwood.

01-11-03, 01:13 PM
Thanks. It looks to me like it'll be staying the way it is now until we get some more action in there. At that point, I'll make a Fleetwood Brougham area seperately...

01-16-03, 04:36 PM
The Fleetwood is a car by its self.
It is indeed a Cadillac but it is the last of the big ones.
A true collectors car.

01-17-03, 09:50 PM
I think using just names alone can get a little messy, since the names lost some meaning over the years.

The 60 Special was a stand alone name when introduced in the '40's. Fleetwood wasn't so much a model then, as a it was the name of the coach builder that GM had previously purchased and brought in-house.

In the '50's, the De Ville (Coupe and Sedan) got an upscale 4-dr version, called the Sixty Special. The once unique Eldorado introduced in '57 (?) became a repackaged Coupe DeVille, before being seperated again in '68 (?).

I think the name Fleetwood as a model was first applied to the largest of the Cadilllacs during the '60's and '70's.

Once they went to FWD, the Fleetwood name was given to what really was a replacement for the Sedan DeVille, while the DeVille name went to the FWD. Sixty Special was a version of the FWD DeVille.

Not really sure when Broughm was first used, but it has been attached to the DeVille/Fleetwood since the '60's.

Thats the rough version, but as I said, it's pretty messy from year to year with names dropping or being grafted onto other models.

01-18-03, 08:43 AM
Basically, you will be able to argue the name game forever, so why not just break it into the two formats that truely define the cars (and sometimes the owners). Have a FWD forum and a RWD forum. Forget the names.

01-18-03, 09:11 AM
Originally posted by Katshot
Basically, you will be able to argue the name game forever, so why not just break it into the two formats that truely define the cars (and sometimes the owners). Have a FWD forum and a RWD forum. Forget the names.

I'm with you on that. And as the forum grows breaking those Categories into decades might also be considered.

01-18-03, 12:08 PM
Well.. I have a feeling that if there were only two forums for the cars - FWD and RWD, newcomers may have trouble finding specific topics that they're either looking for or would be happy to find.. I don't want any topics getting mixed up in the crowd..

In time, however, when things start getting real busy - there will be more seperation.. But, when a forum is just born (such as this one - it's about 18 days old today) it needs to be very simple. This is my 5th or 6th message board. And, I used to run message boards way back in the 80's - yes, before the internet (as we know it).. So, I'm just following some certain rules I've learned in the past..

I hope everyone can be comfortable with things the way they are now - and grow into the direction we move in...

01-24-03, 10:42 PM
Long live the RWD Fleetwood Brougham

01-24-03, 11:10 PM
this would be a good idea since there are plenty of deville owners and fleetwood owners on the forum. On the other hand we don't seem to have many escalade and cts owners. Hopefully this board attracts more new model owners.

Dead Sled
01-25-03, 12:45 PM
I dont think there is a need for more forums right now with the few members we have. but once we goet more members it would be nice. I really look fowards to seeing some member who have Caddys older that '85 and can provide some more insight about the BIG push rod motors. Right now it feels like this board is limited to late model cars bring in the barges!