: Brotherton Cadillac Renton, WA

03-28-06, 08:16 PM
This was my first Cadillac purchase , I had visited their lot previously when my Saturn was getting an oil change - The Saturn dealership was just down the road a piece. I had wanted to own a caddy since the first time I drove a caddy - My car was in the shop for a day and they paid for a base rental. The caddy was $10.00 more so I figured "what the heck" That day focused me on one goal - get one!

So I've been looking on Ebay for caddies and they all come in at around the same price 2003-2005 Devilles are 15-30K depending on miles and acoutrements. I kept a watch on Brotherton's site www.brothertoncadillac.com and saw the car I must own - cadillac certified at a price I couldn't believe. I printed out the page and showed it to my wife - she said "Do you want to go now?" I called, they directed my call to sales and Tim answered I asked him about the car (seen in my sig) he said yes they had just got it in. I said I'd be right down. They took care of everything from financing to arrangements for paint touch ups (this thursday) to fixing the latch in the trunk passthrough door. They have treated me like I want to be treated, like a valued customer. providing service like they thought there name was on the line. Although I didn't quite steal the Cadillac I did get it for $7K less than blue book retail and with a bumper to bumper warranty good til June 2010 (or 70K miles)

The dealer was quick - once we said we wanted it, he got down to business and inside of two hours from when we drove in, we drove out with it. I left without the hint of a "slimed" feeling - you know the feeling "what the hell did I get myself into" instead it was and still is "I can't believe I got this wonderful car so cheaply!"

This is our first "Luxury" car and I feel much better about this than when I bought my Saturn (my first NEW car) 4 years ago. We will see how well they do in the future as they will be getting some business from me for factory maintanance.

Brotherton Cadillac http://www.brothertoncadillac.com
Highly recommended by a long time lurker-first time buyer :thumbsup:

03-29-06, 08:19 PM
Isn't it awesome when you find a trully terrific dealer AND car:)

It is a very nice ride indeed:thumbsup:

03-30-06, 10:49 PM
Being used, there were two blemish areas one was the drivers side front bumper - there was an area devoid of paint ( less than a square inch in three patches) and some semideep scatches across the top of the passenger rear door) It took me a couple of weeks to have the free time to give my car up for a few hours - and my morning was going to be full of telecon meetings so I figured I'd take my phone and wait there. It turns out the painter showed up a little late and the job would take about three hours, I asked if they could give me a ride back to work, they gladly provided it and said they would call me when the car was ready (this was at 9:30 am) I called around 12:30 and asked if the car was ready, they said it was just finished, but the driver doesn't get back to lunch until 1:00 - I've got a meeting at 1:30 and I'm thinking I might not be able to get there.
I tell my boss I may be a little late and my phone rings, it's 1:00 and the driver is downstairs waiting to take me to get my car! they rap up the paperwork and tell me that they've ordered the missing trunk-passenger compartment door latch and will call me to get that fixed too - just like the painting - free of charge. I'm heading back to work, making my meeting on time, and my caddy is looking PERFECT! (the drivers there do not accept tips no matter how hard you try to offer them!)

I am happy with this dealership, they have accomodated my every need and treated me like a king - just buying a USED car from them. A class act - Five stars all the way for Brotherton Cadillac