: Would you like some cheese and crackers with that Whine?

03-28-06, 03:22 PM
One month ago I brought my car into to the dealer for a tranny fluid change, and to get the two filter screens replaced. You know, just as a precautionary thing since I drive it pretty hard, and it had 89k miles on it. They ended up doing a fluid FLUSH, and told me they couldn't change the screens because they would have to drop the cradle or some crap. Now, it's one month and 2k miles later, and the tranny is whining like crazy at all speeds, and all temperarutes (i.e. warmed up or not). I looked it up in my service manual and it says that a possible cause might be one of the two pumps. I bet some crap got stirred up and is clogging some port, and is probably starving one or both of the pumps of fluid. This is just what I need. I'm taking it in tomorrow to get it looked at. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I might have to do to get this fixed? I'm not in the mood to pay for them to do the job right the second time around. It should have been done right the first time. Figures....nothing ever goes right for me at the dealer.:helpless:

03-28-06, 03:49 PM
If you told them to change it and not flush.. I would think they'd be liable somehow but good luck proving that.

Not to go off topic.. but dealerships (for the most part) are such motherf@#!... They tried to convince me that you needed to pull the tranny out to do the A/B Solenoids.. and just about everyone else was trying to rape me for at least $450 to do it. If thats not bad enough, they overfilled my engine during an oil change and ever since my caddy has leaked oil.

THANK GOD for the great caddy members around here.. Like Oldgamer who saved my Eldorados tranny! :worship:

03-28-06, 04:12 PM
My money says that they will claim it was going to fail anyway and was on it's last legs. at this point it will probably have to be pulled and disassembled.

03-28-06, 04:17 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOO you gotta be able to race me! that sucks though there has to be some recorse because you told them not to flush it.

03-28-06, 04:17 PM
they effed you good

03-28-06, 04:39 PM
Your damn right they did, and they even forgot the lube...:nono: I'm staring at the proceedure for dropping the pan and changer the filter screen right now. Drop the cradle...are you kidding me? It wouldn't be the first time I've heard something idiotic like that come form a dealer. I asked the service writer at the Pontiac/GMC dealer back home to check make sure the tech checked my IAC valve to make sure it was working properly, and then came back and told me they didn't do it, because they would have had to drop the cradle. I looked at the service writer, told him to finish ringing me up for the brake fluid change I was originally there for, and promply walked out the door.

If they claim that it was on it's way out, I'll be forced to get angry with them, and I'm in no mood for an argument. It worked flawlessly for 89k miles. They flush it, and it starts whining like crazy? I'd just like to see them try and say it was on it's way out. Transmission pumps don't just suddenly go like that for no reason. If anything, I bet their stupid flush machine clogged up my filter screens, and is blocking flow to something...probably one of the two pumps. This time I'll be bringing my Service Manual with me, so I can show them how the proceedure is SUPPOSED to be done.

By the way, this is the same dealer that jacked my car up by the quarter panel. They've got some top notch techs workin' at this place I tell ya.

03-28-06, 04:54 PM
and you still took your car there? i think we need to have a chat...well this heavy blunt metal bat and you do...wow...

after i saw them jcking my car up liek that i'd just be like..."so i see you're buying me new body panels right?"

get your car as far away from them as possible..after this problem is resolved. if you have to...go in with guns a'blazin...kinda like that psycho in seattle!

03-28-06, 05:14 PM
Ohhhhhhh yeah, now I remember why I don't take my car in to service shops. :bigroll:

Hope you get it straightened out

03-28-06, 06:12 PM
The next closest Dealer is an hour away. They did fix the body panel right away, but it was more the fatc that they let something like that happen that got to me. The Service Staff there is very nice and helpful, it's just the techs that seem to be the problem. I should be able to get this straightened out there, I've spent a few hundred dollars with them the last 3 months I've been down here. They have even bough me lunch twice. All that aside, I still don't like this dealer.

I was furious when I saw that panel all messed up. I took mutliple pictures fom under the car on both sides as comparison and threw them on my laptop which i brought in to show the pics to the Service Manager. I think that's what really did the trick.

This whine, to somewhat not car savvy, might be confused with blower whine it's so loud. I'd say that a pretty big difference from how it was a a month ago before this so called flush. If they try anything funny, Cadillac Customer Service is getting a call.........(I say that like it actually means anything..haha).

Anyway, I'm going in right after class tomorrow around 2:00. I'll let you all know what happens.

03-28-06, 10:35 PM
You would figure premium service for a premium vehicle wouldn’t you?

I found out it is not so.
The Caddy dealerships around here have not impressed me one bit, It is probably the only reason I would not buy another Caddy. They have done more damage to my caddy during repairs then I would care to mention. Almost every time a repair was done I had to take it back, I have found the following:
Loose screws on the floor-matt
Right front floor pan was damaged by improper hoist usage
The wheels were not torque properly after a road force balance so I wind up with warp rotors
The drain tube for my moon roof was knocked off during a moon roof repair so I wind up with water all over the passenger seat and a soaked headliner,
They bent the edge of my left front fender during a door alignment
They put elbow or palm dents on the top of the left front fender while trying to track down a squeak, they must have been bouncing the car while putting all there weight on the top of the fender.

Real Nice Professional Service! :want:


03-28-06, 10:41 PM
WOW! It is an absolute wonder that they are still in buisness. Don't let one dealer sour you on a fine car. Take your buisness elswhere, after you tell the owner why.

03-28-06, 10:50 PM
The sad thing is, this is the third dealer I've been too where I have had bad luck with the service department.

I've had problem in three seperates states.

Brogan in Ridgewood, NJ- They just plain suck!

General Sales in West Chester, PA- $1600 on new front struts, and they have the audacity to "duct Tape" the rubber pads at the base of the springs back together instead of replacing them. As if I wouldn't notice.

Massey in Orlando, FL- explained above.

The problem is, that for every dealer which takes the time to do the job right, there are a hundred more who just don't seem to give a flying f**k about your car, or what condition it leaves the shop in.

03-28-06, 11:30 PM
Try taping this to your hood.


03-29-06, 12:23 AM
OK now I'm glad I'm near Toronto we got a one stop shop that was five shops that came together to provide a service excellence center. They wont stop till its right..........obviously not a dealer........They service and zero the clock on any make and model.

I'm gettin some work done in the near future I'll keep you posted but they do have a good rep in the GTA.


03-29-06, 09:31 AM
Wow DanBuc...General Sales in WC is 2 miles from me, thats where I usually go for the rora. Got my fuel rail recall 2 yrs ago and my tranny pan dropped there last year, never a problem. You live in Orlando, do you drive that thing across the country? WHY did you end up spending $1600 on new front struts? OK, mine were only $500 and they aren't active suspension like yours, but your shouldnt have been over $1000. hmm.

03-29-06, 12:59 PM
Well I was living in West Chester, PA for school the last year an a half. Moved down here to Orlando for the school I'm currently attending. The struts were shot, and were around $700 a piece at about $200 for labor. I also had a new water pump housing installed at the same time. which brought the total to around $2100. It's just pissed me off that I spent all that money, and they couldn't replace two $10 parts, but would rather put them back together with duct tape....it's just seemed a little unprofessional.

03-29-06, 03:53 PM
I've got good news and bad news. First the good news. The dealer brought it in and looked at it free of charge and discovered it wasn't the tranny after all (half the tech thought it was though, so at least I know I'm not crazy).

Not the bad news. They said the bearing in my alternator is on it's way out. It's not serviceable, and it's $1000 part through the dealer.

At the least they have redeemed themselves. I got to speak with thw hop foreman who was a really cool guy too. My buddy and I were talking to him about workin in the shop and the Mercedes school we were going to and stuff.

So now, I need to find out how much an Alternator fomr GM parts direct, or Rock Auto is. Something tells me it's still going to be really expensive....oh well. THey sid I've still got a few miles left in it, and that I should wait until the noise becomes more prevalent. Well see, with my luck it'll seize on the highway and take my belt out with it. Ehh..easy come, easy go. I'll just have to start saving up for it.

03-29-06, 04:04 PM
$1000? hahaha! screw that!

There were a couple years' northstars that had coolant running through the alternator. I'm guessing that's why they said yours is "non serviceable". However, I don't think that's the case. If yours doesn't have the coolant running through it like mine, I had mine rebuilt at a local alt shop for $100.

advance auto has rebuilt ones for $180

03-29-06, 04:33 PM
No, I've got the 180amp water cooled alternator. I think the reasoning for it was the heated rear seat option among other things. I'm gonna look at it when I get a chance. I'm hoping I can find an electrical/machine shop that carries the same size bearing, and find myself a bearing puller and just replace it. If I can't do that, than I'll save up and order one online for cheaper and put it in myself.

03-30-06, 10:59 AM
Wow, I think I may find my receipts for my headgasket job, maybe I didn't replace my alternator! I think I would have remembered that kind of price..