: Ready to rebuild-best source for tserts and bearings

03-28-06, 08:39 AM
My original Nstar engine is under a tree, pulled it 3 years ago from head gasket woes. Bought a used one and instead of just installing it, I stripped it down to re-ring and re-bearing it. Bearings/rings are $$$ I found oh well. I have the Kent moore sert kit, gaskets-seals- bolts etc. Need rings, all the bearings and the inserts.

I pulled my 97 Deville 4.6 from the top in the driveway, going to have to put it back that way too. And the exhaust pipe Y in the back, found big restrictions in the way they weld the 2 pipes inside, ground it out and polished the inside where the 2 pipes join should be a nicer gas flow now !

People have corrosion issues with the starters I have found out, just drill 1/4" pilot holes at the block casting webbing near the bottom, smooth it out in the manifold area for water to drain out, drains right out near the flywheel, stays nice and dry now also. Why have water pockets there ???

Looking for the best deal on parts prices. Any direction to go? I was told you can find the serts for $ 2.50 each some places. Are perfect circle Nstar bearings a decent choice over Dealer bearings.

Should I timesert the mains while Its apart, I have the jig to do it.

Is there any guide on the threads here to put the motor back together with all the nice little tips and secrets other than by the book ?

thanks billymac in Boston...

03-28-06, 10:38 PM
timesert.com or watch for a used set.

Try Gmpartsdirect.com