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03-27-06, 03:58 PM
Been some talk lately on this site regarding Cadillac (actually GMs) Firemist Paint ~ Just a ltttle background, here. Being a New Jersey native, I am kinda proud that Firemist Pint was invented by Englehard Industries, not far from where I was born & raised & still live. Cadillac first used it in 1964. It is a premium paint process using larger and reflective quality metallic "specks". In later years unique (not shared with Cadillac) Firemist colors werealso available at extra cost on premium Oldsmobiles, such as the Toronado & Ninety-Eight. Here is a paragraph from Englehard Industries site:-

Engelhard's Firemist pearlescent pigments, based on borosilicate, exhibit "intense sparkling and depth in a wide range of interference effects," Rochard says. "They are engineered to deliver more chroma, color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity." The pigments offer a spectrum of effects to work with, he says, adding that the pigment's smooth surface and large particle size convey a "brilliant, star-like glitter."

"" Rochard says that when various grades of Firemist pigments are blended, individual colors show through due to the pigments' transparency and chroma, which counter the addition effects that "gray-out" normal pearls. The Firemist pigments can enhance the appearance of depth in coatings because the borosilicate flakes promote light penetration, he says. ""

Firemist™ Pigments
Firemist™ pigments are made from discs of calcium, sodium and borosilicate, and produce truer colours, a more intense shine, better transparency and reflection than traditional pearl lustre pigments (particle size 5-300 µm).

Firemist™ is a registered trademark of Engelhard Corp., Iselin, New Jersey, USA

04-21-06, 12:30 AM
It was a pleasure to see the post about Firemist paint.

I own one of the original 1964 Cadillacs w "Crystal" firemist and have stored it for the last 20 years. Silver coupe deville w red leather interior and first ever bucket seats/console in a cadillac.

Firemist was exciting appearance and the only production paint to top it that I am aware of is the Diamond White which has been replaced w White Lghting.

I think Firesmist was a 60.00 premium optional charge.

04-22-06, 01:27 PM
My STS is in a Polo Green Metallic, it looks like black a certain time of the day. However when you view the paint up close, the green metalflake is really beautiful. I loved the mid 60's Firemist paints.