: FP replacement and tank drain 95 SLS

03-27-06, 05:44 AM
I had just filled up my tank when the pump went. There is a anti-theft device in the tank that doesn't allow for siphoning. Tried to loosen the fuel filler hose, but couldn't get a good grip on it. Said screw it and went to autozone and picked up an electric fuel pump for $30. Mounted it to a piece of wood, soldered 2 extension wires on it (12 feet), soldered on 2 alligator clips. Pulled the fuel filter loose from the front (output side) and connected the hose to the fuel pump (inlet). I drew power from the engine compartment fuse box (Main Buss, pulled the whole cover) and grounded on the strut tower stud. Ran the outlet fuel line into a gas can (Had 3, two 5 gallons and a 2.5 gal can).
Although it did take about 20-30 mins to drain the tank this way, it certainly was a cinch and I didn't take a bath in gas. Plus running it through the fuel filter assures that I'm not getting crap into my $30 pump. IMO it was certainly worth the xtra $$$ for the aux. fuel pump which is still mounted and with a 12 foot wire harness.

As for dropping the tank, get the car up high on 4 jackstands. The passenger side strap front bolt is hidden underneath all the exhaust shielding so don't worry about that one. Remove the back bolt on the pass. side amd bend the strap downwards. Get a jack with a piece of wood or something similar, I used a tranny jack with a small piece of plywood under the tank...didn't wanna pop a hole in it. Once your jack is in place, remove the drivers side strap. Make sure your fuel lines and electrical connections are completely disconnected at this point. Slowly lower the jack down. What your going to have is the drivers side of the tank drop, and thats OK...thats all you really need. I did have to pull it down some to gain the neccessary clearance. When you have enough room, clean the area around the big nut holding down the pump...you don't want to get a bunch of garbage in your tank. The nut has notches all the way around it. It was on tight and I couldn't budge it by hand. I took a very large screw driver placed against one of the notches and smacked the screw driver with the palm of my hand. Thats all the pressure it needed to break loose. Once that's off you can pull the pump out. Just be careful of the float lever when you take it out and put it back in. I still had a few gallons of gas in the bottom....maybe 3 or so and it wasn't a problem. When you have the pump secure just gentley jack the tank back into position and reinstall your straps.
Once the tank was empty the rest of this took about 40 mins to do.