: Oil Level Indicator

03-26-06, 10:38 PM

I am getting the oil level light (the upper one, not the oil pressure light), on and off at highway speeds. My oil level is about half way between add and full.
The oil pressure is fine. The owner's manual says that the light is only significant at startup, but I get it lighting up on the road.

Also, when I had my oil changed a few months ago, they filled the level to above the "full". Could the dipstick be wrong? Maybe I need more oil in there.


'97 Dark Green Catera

03-27-06, 08:40 AM
I've had my 98 Cat for almost a year. When I first bought it it was doing that same thing - I believe mine was near the add mark, but I don't remember exactly where. Adding oil took care of my problem.

Oil change places always filled mine up past the full - I'm going to do my own from now on. My oil gauge drops to zero for a second sporatically at highway speeds too - its always done that - so I don't know.

Are you losing that much oil in a few months - to go from above the full to halfway down? That might not be an issue, I just thought I would mention it.

Add oil and see what happens. If oil pressure is fine and the dipstick reads at full, I wouldn't worry too much about it.