View Full Version : blower fan runs on high even with engine off!!

03-26-06, 04:15 PM
Ok this is the third time I've posted something about this problem. I keep hoping someone will read it that has had the same problem. My blower fan (heat/ a/c) all of a sudden started running on high speed. Nothing I did would change the speed. All other hvac controls seem to still work fine. I have some relays on the way just to change them out and see if that helps. But here's my question. I read a post on another site where the person had the exact same problem...he also, like me, had to pull the blower fuse to get it to stop (it even runs with the car off, so you have to or the battery dies). Someone responded to him that they thought it would be the blower motor resistor. My question is, if the resistor were in fact bad, would the fan still run even with the ignition turned off? The resistor costs $135 at Rock Auto online, and I don't mind spending it if that could be it, but I certainly can't afford to just throw money at it. I have a 97 Catera, and I could really use some help from some or you techies out there. My thought right now is just to rig up an off/on switch where that fuse is, running on high can be better then nothing sometimes. But I really would like to fix it correctly. Please help me you guys!