: Yesterday was really sh**ty.

03-26-06, 01:23 PM
Yesterday was one of those days that you are glad when they are finished. Now a list of crap.

1. My fuel pump went out on a crowded highway.
2. Everyone I know is gone somewhere.
3. I gave my cell phone to my mom because she was going on a long trip.
4. My Dad was the closest one and he was several hours away.
5. I didn't have the money for a tow truck because I had just bought a new tennis racquet.
6. To get to a phone, I had to cross 4 lanes of highway and jog 1/4 mile.
7. When my Dad got there, he didn't have a chain, so I had to leave my car in a bad area to go get a trailer.

Now everthing should be peachy right? Wrong.

8. We get the trailer back to the car and find out that the battery for the power winch is dead and we forgot to bring a manual comealong. I get the idea to take the battery out of my car and use it.

9. The battery dosen't work and the reason it dosen't work is because water got into a relay and froze, our winch is officially dead.

10. I opened the trunk with no battery power and now I cant close it, so we hook the battery back up and get that closed.

11. Since there is no winch, we have to push the car on the trailer, my dad gets a running start and gets it half way on the trailer.

12. I get out and help him push, after several minutes, we get it on the trailer.

13. When I got out of the car, the wheels turned and it scraped the side of my car. We get the car moved over using a jack and a pry bar.

14. We forgot to bring chains to secure it with, so we got the winch to work slightly.

15. We finally got it home and I find out how much a fuel pump is.

All in all, yesterday was just bad luck all the way around.

03-26-06, 01:32 PM
That does suck man! You may want to consider a membership to AAA or something in case this sort of thing happens again. Mine costs like $50.00 per year...

03-26-06, 04:53 PM
I just found out that it could have been worse. Two wires on the fuel pump were melted together, on the inside of the tank. If they would have sparked together, I could have had a flaming cadillac.