: 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo

03-26-06, 12:03 PM
I have just gotten this cool ride a few months ago, and i need some help figuring some things out (not familiar with it)

First, the Electronic Climate Control...it looks easy, but it's not straightforward since it came without a manual...it's a digital climate control and it's the first car i owned with it...

What does "OUTSIDE TEMP" do? it doesn't show the outside temp on the display, rather illuminates an LED beside the button and says the current setting of "75" and still blows cold as ice air..

What does ECON do? and how is it that even though it's set at 75, it's still as cold as the first time it's started in the morning? and blows high?

How does the trunk open/pulldown feature work? it's only got one button, and it performs two functions and it seems i cannot open it right...i get lucky once, but it's either got to be running or it's not being done right? how does pulldown work? i don't have a key for the trunk/doors and that's the only way i can open it...

Here's a pic of it, it was dirty in this shot though, it had just rained...


DopeStar 156
03-26-06, 12:23 PM
Your climate control sounds broken....

OUTSIDE TEMP is supposed to show the outside temperature, the sensor might be broken because it's not displaying a temperature. It's located behind the grille. ECON is the same thing as the vent setting on a regular AC unit. It just means it's using the outside air and blowing it into the car and isn't heating or cooling the air. The trunk is a gamble with the button in the glovebox. It's so heavy that sometimes it pops but closes again because the pull down motor catches it as it's raising. If I use that button I gotta do it from the passenger side of the car and run to the back to quick grab the trunk lid before the pull down motor raises up and accidentally latches. When you pop the trunk the pull down motor raises the latch. Then you go to close it it will lower the trunk automatically so you don't have to slam it shut. It should be closed gently so you don't break the thing.

03-26-06, 12:33 PM
Thanks...i always though Econ setting just omitted the A/C compressor from rotating...i used it to avoid extra gas comsumption....

the quick grab method is what i keep doing to open it, and it's a long car so it's not easy..it seems it either needs the key turned to ON or the engine running so if i just needed to open it without starting it i turn it to ON and just avoid the pulldown...which seems more appropriate for a drop off of luggage. i just gently close it and avoid the pulldown motor...i usually keep repetitivly pressing the trunk button and thought it was opening/closing from the multiple presses. that's nice info to know.

I tried to find a PDF manual download for the regular chassis version (non-limo) of the car but it's not easy since search engines degraded. there is a vacuum line that never seemed connected to the heater valve which must be keeping it set at cold, heater hose is warm but after valve, cold to touch, i guess i need to work a little harder on the engine. thing never runs right...

Plus side, it's a neat car for having such an old body style and year to have features that exist mainly on new cars today (Memory seats, key fobs, digi climate, etc) and it's in nice shape considering what i gave for it (it was priced for 450 in a junkyard)

03-27-06, 04:52 PM
Youre right that's what the econo button does. Everything works the same way as it does in auto except that it won't turn on the air conditioning. The trunk button only works when the key is on and you should hear a click when you press it. If the pull down motor is pulling the trunk lid down again right after you open it then probably you need to grease something back there or the trunk lid isn't set right because it shouldn't do that. The trunk pulldown motor will always work when you open it unless it's broken and someone disconnected it before. I think it would be fun to have a limo. I just need a good place to park it. It sounds like you got a good price for it tho!

03-29-06, 11:43 AM
Sounds like the pistons on the trunk lid are worn out. Same thing happened on our '82 Series 75 when we first bought it. The PO had disconnected the pull down to avoid the problem. Now, 5 years later, the replacement struts for the trunk need to be replaced again. I know the '92 we had used a different method for the spring on the trunk lid. The little struts should be available at most parts stores.


03-29-06, 12:34 PM
That looks like a 60" Dillinger/Gaines car, is it? Hard to tell from the picture. It looks like it's got the all stainless "B" pillars that the Gaines cars used. Everybody seems to have you under control with respect to your questions. Any other issues, let us know.

03-30-06, 03:23 PM
I haven't been on much since my car has had a TON of problems...things got me looking like a deer in headlights while driving. First, i had just fixed the "Auto Level" and now it loves to O-Heat too often, and is or was majorly loosing coolant then oil then coolant...Oil leak fixed via new valve cover and gasket, but i'm losing coolant somewhere near the passenger side rear of my motor, and only after the thermo opens...i thought i had fixed that twice, but IF the radiator is above half full cold, then it's spewing all over backside of the engine, if half or below, it O-heats after around 20 miles over time, guess it's leaking same but less...i replaced the cap, and towards the airport, it O-heats and coolant's all over the top of motor, i did a heater hose bypass, and it's SEEMINGLY fine, but a longer drive is all it'd take to prove me wrong...

BTW when i stop, it's doing some weird "floop floop floop" rough idle and the interior/hood of the car gives me a nice bath of steam. from the backside of the motor after i checked...no headgasket, no rear tailpipe steam, and normal till it warms up...it's now needing to be thrown into Neutral to idle at stop, again after it warms...

What's wrong with these 307s? there's at least 5 at the yard with similar problems eventually leading to a blown engine...things aren't NEARLY as reliable as my Chevy C/10 pickup w/ 307.

03-31-06, 09:25 AM
Could be the heater core since it's at the rear passenger side of the engine. Not that difficult to replace. Not sure what issues the 307 may have.


04-01-06, 12:57 PM
That looks like a 60" Dillinger/Gaines car, is it? Hard to tell from the picture. It looks like it's got the all stainless "B" pillars that the Gaines cars used. Everybody seems to have you under control with respect to your questions. Any other issues, let us know.

If "Dillinger" is related to "Hillinger Coach Works" then yes, it's got tags representing the Hillinger group all over it, including the rear Air/Heat/control cluster in the rear...i like those pillars, and love the car, hate the engine...think it's time for a swap...