View Full Version : Interesting new electronic issue

03-26-06, 12:17 AM
I brief, I left something I needed in my car and my brother was coming my way so I asked him to get it. Unfortunatly he didn't have any keys to get into my car. He rather successfully used a coat hanger to pull up on the driver's side lock and unlock the door. When he went to open the door the car somehow knew and auto-locked everything and set off the alarm.

I figured this was no big deal because I've set the alarm off before, though it was from inside. When I got in my car today I noticed that the interior lights wouldn't turn off for anything and that putting the car in drive/park had no effect on the locks.

This afternoon I tried unplugging the battery for a few hours just to try and reset everything. It unfortunatly had no effect on the problem. I really can't think of what this might be.

I don't know for sure that my brother trying to get into the car had anything to do with it directly or not. I assume it did because that was the only thing out of the ordinary to happen with my car in a vary long time. I have noticed since the day I got the car that random actions (taping the breaks, turning on the radio) will cause the headlights to dim very slightly for just a second but other then that I've never noticed any electrical problems before.
Any thoughs or suggestions would be greatly appriciated, thank you.

03-30-06, 07:55 PM
I haven't actually tried anything yet because I'm still not sure what is going on. The one possible cause I've come up with for the problem is that somehow that button to indicate the door is close is stuck. That would explain the interior lights and the doorlocks not functioning automatically. The mystery with this answer is that the 'Door Ajar' indicator light is still functioning as is should. Does anyone know where I should start to look for the button or if there might be more then one? Or might this button be pressure sensative and have the lights turn on just slightly before I'm told a door is open. Thanks for any input.