: BLS eBay Auction E-Mail

03-24-06, 04:03 PM
I got this this evening.

Dear Mr McCombie,

From April 8, it will be in European showrooms: the new Cadillac BLS. To turn the introduction of the BLS into a spectacular celebration, Cadillac - together with eBay - is offering the very first model in the world on www.ebay.co.uk. Anyone, including you, could become the owner of this historic Cadillac.

The first BLS in the world is an Elegance model with a 1.9 litre common rail turbo-diesel engine (150hp/320Nm). It has a fully ebony leather interior, manual 6-speed gearbox and a special 'visibility package'. Its colour: Steel Grey. Visit www.cadillac-bls.com for consumer pricing of this model in your country.

The entire proceeds of the auction will be donated to the United Nations World Food Programme, which is currently focusing on the over 6 million starving people in east Africa.

You can bid for the historic Cadillac BLS until 9 p.m. (CET) on Sunday 2 April. Make sure you are on time. Will you soon be driving in the first model of what is already being called the Cadillac classic of the future?

Yours sincerely,

Cadillac & Corvette Europe

03-25-06, 06:28 AM
Well thats sort of cool, I guess.