: A/C Computer Module

03-24-06, 03:58 PM
I have read several posts concerning the malfunction (or lack there of) the fuel door switch and the trunk release switch. I understand that this is due to a bad A/C computer module. My question is, doesn't this thing also control the radio? My two switches do not work, but my radio works just fine. Could it still be the A/C computer module.

03-24-06, 04:32 PM
My fuel door and trunk releases stopped working also (2001), and all it was was a fuse. Going from memory, but I think it was #24? When it blew it disabled the interior buttons as well as the remote buttons. I'd take a look at that first!

03-24-06, 05:35 PM
I'll go take a look right now, but the remote still works.

03-24-06, 05:49 PM
Nope, not the fuse but thanks for the input.