: Edmunds

03-24-06, 03:15 PM
Am I the only one that didn't know about Edmunds (http://aolsvc.edmunds.com/maintenance/maintenance.do?step=step2&year=1999&make=Cadillac&model=Seville&style=4+Dr+STS+Sedan&mileage=60000&engine=8VNAG4.6&transmission=AUTOMATIC&zip=67208&synpartner=asv) providing specific auto info? You can see recalls, scheduled maint., TSBs etc. I didn't realize my '99 was recalled for a generator:confused:

The search engine associated with the Edmunds.com Maintenance Guide provides only titles, numbers and summaries of TSBs. Another alternative for those seeking TSB bulletins; Three mechanics started Bat Auto Technical (http://www.batauto.com/main.html) in July 2000 - the objective of their site is to "get mechanics and people together," and thus "combine those who need information and those who have information to give," site founder Tony Murray said. The Bat Auto site offers several forums, some for vehicle owners and others just for mechanics.
Best of all, if you fill in the site's online request form (http://www.batauto.com/manual.html) with the details of a TSB summary, Murray will gladly send you the full text of the TSB at no charge. Donations are optional. While Bat Auto doesn't claim to have complete bulletin holdings for every manufacturer, their resources are rather expansive, Murray said, given that 14 mechanics (some independent, some fleet) contribute to the site.