: Luckiest non-ticket ever!

Nasty Black Lac
03-24-06, 02:29 PM
Yesterday my brother and I took a little road trip and I am convinced he is the LUCKIEST guy ever. We were in his 03 Denalli rolling about 90 mph (possibly just under 90) on Interstate 69. We go under an overpass and there is a state trooper facing us. Our radar detector went off (too late obviously) and he started to move. My brother slowed down, moved to the right and started cussing. Because of traffic, the trooper waited on about 15 cars to pass him. We conveniently took the next exit and bought a cup of coffee (and a lottery ticket!).

03-24-06, 02:41 PM
you lucky ass!

I should've done that. lol.

Just keep driving a couple more miles to the nearest gas station, and run into the bathroom. Tell them you gotta go potty.

Yeah right, you'd get shot on the spot once you jump out of your car.

03-24-06, 06:57 PM
You call that lucky? ;) ;) ;)

Now this is lucky--and I'm not exactly proud of how it all went down, but I definitely do count my blesssings--I was pulled over twice in about an hour for speeding (I clearly was speeding both times, and did not try to lie to the officer when he asked)...and both times the officer let me go w/o writing me up. What made it more lucky was that I--being an Asian from California--was pulled over in Wyoming out in the middle of redneck nowhere (I use the term "redneck" just to show that I was clearly an ethnic fish out of water) by a white cop in both cases. Don't get me wrong--the original poster in this thread was indeed lucky...but in his case he didn't get pulled over. In my case, I got pulled over--twice...and still got off unscathed.

Now, THAT'S the luckiest non-ticket ever...especially since I got off twice in an hour's time!

03-24-06, 07:17 PM
kinda funny.. (without the humor)! I was pulled over today and cited for Driving too close to the vehicle in front of me, expired tags, and front window tint by California Highway Patrol. About driving too close, some idiot cut me off, switching lanes right in front of me and didn't even use a ******* blinker! I guess the tint was valid, but that's a ***** write up for a Highway Patrol Officer anyway.. and my tags expired last month, I'm going to the DMV on Tuesday to get that squared away. Guess I'm not lucky.

03-24-06, 07:39 PM
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03-24-06, 08:14 PM
Where was it on 69? had to be close to indy, at least south of 116th street?

03-24-06, 09:18 PM
I was plowed on my friends graduation from Law School (wayyyyyy to much Dewars and water) and I got pulled over. I grew up in the affluent part of town and we had stickers on our cars that allowed us into the gated community. I couldnt do the alphabet, stand on one leg or even remember my address. The cop shined a light on my car where he saw "the sticker" and told me to follow him home. He called another cruiser to follow me incase anything happened. I got home, got in the house somehow and passed out on the floor just inside the door, then promptly puked all over myself. I regret the incident and I havent driven drunk since....but I think that was the luckiest non ticket.


03-25-06, 02:14 AM
Yea, my vote goes to Florian...

03-25-06, 04:49 AM
Well you seem like a nice guy so I will bite my tongue here
But I don't like drunk driving at all

I have some similar stories sort of as I use to try and lose officers before their lights went on.. here around the town and but they usually got a kick out of that and left me alone. If they did pull me over I'd ask them how did you find me and tell them they're pretty good drivers.

"I was trying to disappear before you could pull me over"
"Well, don't do ______ again and have a nice night"


03-25-06, 05:13 AM
Here are my 3 luckiest non-ticket incidents.

A couple nights ago my friend was driving the SHO and raced some focus up to maybe 65 in a 40. The radar detector goes nuts and we make a right turn onto a sidestreet, the Focus obviously had a radar detector as well since he made an immediate left turn. I barely catch a glimpse of red and blue lights as we get safely away from that road (the cop was going the other way and there is a median.)

And last year I'm in the ETC trying to catch up to my friend who's ahead of me in his Corsica. I come up to a light doing about 80 in a 35, turns yellow of course, I don't have time to stop so I nail it right as I see a cop at the intersection. I then floor the brakes and make a right into a neighborhood a block or two later, then a couple more turns for good measure. I get out and walk to where I can see the road I was on and see a cop hauling ass up the road.

Then of course the time I was coming back from buying the ETC, took it up to 150+, and passed a black crown vic. I have never seen a black crown vic that wasn't a state cop. I killed the lights and used the fogs to see (not very well, mind you) to avoid him seeing my very recognizable taillights. If he was a cop, he didn't even bother chasing me. About 100 miles later after I've returned to a sane speed, a state cop passes me.

03-25-06, 10:35 AM
I have had lots of lucky non-tickets in my time. Here are the three that stand out. First, the year was 1985, I was entering rte 440 in Woodbridge, off of rte 9. I was flying, naybe like 70 mph (this is back in the 55 days). To my left, there was a cop on the grass, that was between the on-ramp, and the highway. Saw him way too late, and just figured I was nailed. I look in my mirror, I see his lights go on, and a large rooster tail kick up behind his car. See, it was raining just that morning, and the ground was very wet. needless to say, I do believe he got his car buried in the dirt. I just kept going, and never saw him. Second, year was still 1985. I was driving through Matawan, on a week day, at around noon. School was in session, and my dumbass, was doing 49 in a 25 school zone. The cop pulls me over, and gives me a huge portion of my own ass. He goes back to his car, and I figure I am done for. He retuns to my car, gives me a lecture, and never writes ma a ticket. Ever since that day, I always observe school zone speed limits. Third, was 1990. I had just left the bar, it was about 2:00 am. I shouldn't have been driving, as I was definitely drunk (I am not proud of that). Anyway, a few of the beers that I drank, decided that they didn't like my stomach, and wanted to get out. So less than a mile fron home, I pulled into a dark parking lot, and did what needed to be done. I get back on the road, and I immediatley see a cop coming the opposite direction. I check my mirror, I see the lights, and him pulling a Uey. I pull to the side of the road, and get my paperwork ready. He asks me what i was doing in the parking lot, and I lied of course, and told him I had a stomach virus, and needed to puke. I think he initially thought I had stole something from the business (it was a trucking company), but soon figured out I was wasted. He went to his car. Aboiut two minutes pass, and i see hime running back to my car. That scared the crap out of me. But he handed me back my stuff, told me he doesn't like the fact that I lied to him, he knows I am drunk, but drive safely home. He sprints back to his car, tears out of there like his ass was on fire. You wanna talk about lucky. To this day, i have never been behind the wheel when i have been drunk. I will never do that again. As a matter of fact, I barely even drink anymore. That cop not busting me, was a gift from God. I learned my lesson.


Nasty Black Lac
03-27-06, 03:00 PM
Where was it on 69? had to be close to indy, at least south of 116th street?

It was just north of SR-238.

MN Madman
03-27-06, 05:30 PM
The luckiest NON ticket I ever received was when I was driving a truck. I was going to the Boston Water Market to deliver a load of produce (many years ago) and I had to take severla detours to get to it.

This car jumped right on my back door, and wouldn't move. When she saw that I had to make a wide swing to make a right turn she decided to park right on the corner to make it impossible to turn. I backed up and tried everything possible to make the turn. Finally I got out of the truck and went to where she was at (A pawn shop) and asked her to move her car (yes I was nice) she turned and called me everything but a white boy.

When I went back to my truck a cop was already there because of all the traffic that was backing up. He asked for all my paperwork and my insurance, then he looked at the car and said "driver...I'm gonna turn my back for 5 minutes, when I turn around you'd better not be here".

I asked "am I to do what i think you want me to do?" he said just get it out of here.

I put the truck in low gear...locked my wheels in and pulled my trailer across her hood....she came running out screaming and banging on my truck to stop...and the cop was sitting there writing her all kinds of tickets.

She had to pay for the 2 tires I flattened while doing this too...Poetic justice.

03-27-06, 07:13 PM
MN...I like it! My dad one time tossed his "empty" "gallon water jug", if you get my drift, being a driver as he was, out the window one time. It promptly decided to land on the hood of a CHP squad car, to blow up and scatter the "contents" everywhere. I know, I know, he shouldn't have thrown it out the window, but it was meant to bounce of the ground and spray as the car behind him was wayyyy too close and cruising with highbeams on. The cop, after pulling him over, asked what the hell was in that bottle. to which my dad answered "you don't want to know." After it was mentioned that his high beams were on, he, for some reason, wrote no ticket but gave a good lecture. :)

MN Madman
03-28-06, 09:44 AM
There is a reason that I will not go back to CA (or if I do I won't go through El Cajon. Again many moons ago, I stopped in Barstow and took a shower, fueled up, and ate. I had my new white Levi's and a blue and white Brushpopper on. So as I took off and went toward LA I had to stop at the El Cajon scales and be weighed. As I was pulling on the scale, some young wannabe DOT officer ran out and pretended to be superman himself by holding his hand and trying to stop my truck. He ran around to the driver door and pulled my door open and the wind caught a cup of bolts I had sitting there, for whatever I may have need a bolt or screw for. Well the cup fell out of the cab and fell to the ground and rolled under the truck, and if you have never seen a scale before, trust me when I tell you it was full of grease and oil from all the other trucks that have to stop. Well here I am all dressed up and this kid tells me to get out of the truck, crawl under and get the cup. I tell him no I won't do it and proceeds to write me a ticket for littering. As I take the ticket I tell him to write one for himself... for being a dumbass to run out in front of a big truck trying to stop...needless to say he wasn't impressed by my humor. I still haven't and won't pay the ticket to this day.

MN Madman
03-31-06, 01:42 PM
Just got off the phone with CA DMV...they told me to forget the ticket for littering...and they took it off of my license.

04-01-06, 07:55 PM
Haha...this thread get ya worked up enough to call them and get it fixed? :)