: Need some help..abs troubles?

03-24-06, 01:57 PM
I have a 1994 Concours Deville, so far the codes i've got from the onboard comp. are S021 S044 S055. Everytime I start to take off i hear a thrrrrrrr u can feel it in the break pedal and gas pedal. Only during 0-5 mph, the car then jerks when I'm stopped pressing the brake, like for instance at a stop sign. It jerks almost as if it wants to take off. Any ideas?

03-24-06, 03:10 PM
abs testing itself

03-24-06, 08:53 PM
What you are hearing and feeling sounds like the ABS activating. It does test itself in the first 5 MPH I believe, but it does so without activation. Something is amiss, though I am not sure what. I would check the wheel speed sensors (though they should throw a code if they go bad), but it would not hurt to pull and clean the connections.

03-24-06, 10:06 PM
thats what i heard the "thrrrrrrrrrrrr" was, but the car acting up when im stopped not too sure about, where is the speed sensor? i'll google it but a lil help if you can. Thanks for the advice.

03-24-06, 11:10 PM
Wheel speed sensors are integral to the hub & bearing assembly. They plug in behind the hub.