View Full Version : Lowering Springs or Factory Replacement???

03-24-06, 11:31 AM
I took my 2000 catera to the shop today because i thought the bushing had worn out because I hear creaking sound over every slight bumb. Found out both my coil springs need to be replaced, one had cracked all the way. Car still drivable, but ruff ride. $800 cdn for the rear coils from the dealr, ya right. Ive been looking for lowering springs on the net. Has anyone used lowering springs on their Catera or had the same problem?? any info would be great thx.:confused:

04-01-06, 02:40 PM
My initial reaction:

How are your shocks?

Functional shocks help reduce the kind of suspension action which might fatigue springs and cause breakage.

If not the fault of bad shocks, I would want to know why the springs failed.

The Catera is already a 140 mph automobile, once the governor at 125 is defeated. The car itself, mechanically, is a 140 mph Autobahn cruiser. This capability is built into EVERY Catera, regardless year of manufacture.

So call me timid, but I would hesitate to mess with the suspension geometry of a car designed, as a SYSTEM, to go that fast. The car ALREADY is in a pretty good place.

I agree dealer prices are, well, flat NUTS! So you are looking at an eBay buy or a wrecking yard search for your replacement springs. You need to buy new at off price, or buy used.

Can springs be magnafluxed? Well, I don't know. But if you buy used take every available measure to weed out springs already compromised. Probably the easiest way is to find a young Cat wreck (small miles) and harvest your springs from that car. Anyhow, that's what I would do. That way you know you have Caddy quality parts.

Regardless how your proceed, wishing you success!:)

04-06-06, 03:56 PM
I had my shocks check and their fine, the coil had been rotted out right around the crack. I still do want to lower it a little. I found a sweet eibach kit that drops its an inch in the front and 0.8 in the rear. I think that would give it a sweet stance, especially after my rim job:crybaby: !! Has anyone used lowering springs on their cat???