: Out with the Viper, in with the XLR-V

03-22-06, 09:51 PM

Traded in a 2003 SRT-10 for an Infrared XLR-V. Awesome machine, and very pleased with the purchase. Also own a 2004 CTS-V. It was this ownership experience that lured me to the new V; 30,000 flawless, power shifting miles.

In short, I'm a middle-aged type A that's mellowed to about an A- and got really tired of driving a 510hp camper. I'm also a big fan of Scottish single-malts, so I might have to meet up with Scotcad some day for a few dozen distillery tours. I'm only good for about 3 posts a month, so don't worry about me taking up too much space. Regards, Rick M.

03-23-06, 04:52 AM
A 510hp camper? :confused:

03-23-06, 07:49 AM
Welcome Rick!

Glad to have another New Englander here! The weather is starting to break so I hope to see you around. There is a Cadillac day in Brookline May 21 with a pretty good turnout. Here is the link:Cadillac Day Brookline, MA (http://www.mot.org/Events/calendar.html#May). Good luck with the XLR-V!


03-23-06, 02:50 PM
A 510hp camper? :confused:

Big truck with tons of power.. said it was the SRT10 Pickup..

03-23-06, 03:32 PM
Big truck with tons of power.. said it was the SRT10 Pickup..

Actually the thread title says "Viper". The SRT10 is the ragtop version of the Viper.

Anyway, huge fan of single malts here too, plus I have a CTS-V. We got good taste, don't we :highfive:

03-25-06, 11:41 PM
Good move, and welcome to the forums. Watch out for the CTS guys -- they are mod mad :)

03-26-06, 12:33 PM
:welcome: and congrats on the XLR-V. I am very jealous.

03-26-06, 07:29 PM
Thanks for he welcomes!

CaddyBlack99: Let me know a little more about this Caddy day in May. We usually spend weekends down the Cape but you never know.