: 1983 Coupe De Ville Owner

03-22-06, 03:36 PM
I have always wanted a big American car and I finally got one!! I also found an awesome mechanic who is an ex-GM design engineer! Parts for the car have been difficult to find. A transmission mount could not be found but in one place in the entire country. Is this what I can expect in the future? That most of the parts on the vehicle are no longer produced by GM? That's ok...anyone know of good aftermarket suppliers for classic Caddy's? The first mechanic I went to for a checkup told me not to spend too much money because the car wasn't worth anything...what an IDIOT! Needless to say, I found a new mechanic! Any and all tips and info about 1983 Coupes are welcome...

03-22-06, 04:02 PM

Here is a link to some info for the 1983:1983 Cadillac (http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1980/cad83.htm)
1983 VIN Decode (http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1980/cad83d.htm)
Cadillac parts links (http://dmoz.org/Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Cadillac/) (one of many!)
Good luck! Thanks for joining the forum.

03-26-06, 12:16 PM
:welcome: and good luck with your Caddy.