: TCS C1287/C1286 help please

03-22-06, 12:01 PM
I have been getting the above codes for 2 years, intermittently. The dealership couldn't find anything a year ago, so I just clear the message every time I get the Service Stability System message. Now my car, 1998 Deville D'Elegance, is getting crappier gas mileage 18 mph city, 20 highway, and I feel like I lose control at high speeds. Reminds me of driving on black ice. So it's been relegated to a city driving-only car. It's my main transportation. I was unable to find these codes on the forum as far as repair estimates, self-fixes, etc., but here's the description of the code:

C1287 (current): Steering sensor rate malfunction
C1286 (current): Steering sensor bias malfunction

I also get the P0741 code (current) (TCC system stuck off) once per day. Dealership said new transmission, I said no (with the advice on a previous post here in the forum), since car shifts smoothly, etc.

My drivers side window motor just broke too, but I have a new motor on order, along with a Caddy repair manual.

I'm still determining whether it's worth it to get everything fixed, or just sell the car. I'd like to get another year out of it. I love this car but there's a point where it's not worth throwing more money at it than it is worth.

Any advice?