: Coolent in Oil, Kinda

03-21-06, 05:39 PM
Hi folks,
About a month ago I noticed my check oil light come on and the oil pressure was really low, about 15 to 18. When I went to check the oil I noticed a cream colored substance at the top of where you add your oil. This dident look good so i had a friend take a look at it and he told me it was a blown head gasket. So i took it to the dealer and they ran some tests and told me that they couldnt find any trace of a blown head gasket except for the cream substance. They also said that when they changed the oil they dident see any of the cream substance in it. So after 400 bucks i think my cat is doing just fine.

Today after driving it home from work i notice an oil smell comming from the car. so i popped the hood and took a look, no visible oil. i took a look under the oil cap and there is some of that cream substance again. What do you folks think is the problem? Oil pressure is well above the half way point.


03-21-06, 05:45 PM
Sorry guys, I just found the "White sludge" thread. I think that is similar to what I'm seeing. The tempature has also been all over the place lately, yesterday it was 50 today it snows...

PS. anyone hooked a laptop into the catera's diagnostic port?