: Ac Issues Any Help Appreciated

03-21-06, 04:21 PM

Need some more help again, if possible...Every now and then my ac won't blow cold...It'll blow, just not cold...I was checking under the hood and ended up taking my battery cables off to clean them off...(randomly)...Before I checked the AC again, I took it to an AC place...Of course once I got there the AC was blowing cold again...So, I guess the computer reset something to make it work again...Well, it does this randomly now...It'll just go out and I have to undo the battery cables for it to blow cold again...Is there a problem I can fix for this? Is it some sort of switch or electrical problem? ANY help would be appreciated, as this is a pain...Especially being in hot Florida...


can email tcool77@hotmail.com or reply here...thanks again...

04-05-06, 12:25 AM
Mine does the same thing, I was told I have air in the line. Im taking it home at some point to let my dad drain the air out. (As im a college student 3 hours away from home)