: MIL's - Anyone tried them yet?

03-21-06, 12:02 PM
Has anyone here that lives in a non-emissions state tried punching the cat or ditching it alltogether and using a MIL to keep the ECM in check? i know i used MIL's with offroad X pipe on my 2002 GT without a problem and several camaro and TA owners with LS1's and OBDII do it just fine. think we could get away with it too?

03-21-06, 02:31 PM
i just punched my cat out yesterday. no codes yet. alot louder and meaner too.

03-21-06, 04:01 PM

03-21-06, 04:08 PM
hahahah.. I get it

I guess that's one way to make a louder, meaner cat. :nyanya:

03-21-06, 05:38 PM
well, i just checked into part numbers. the sensor on the 97 devilles is the same aprt number as on the 98+ LS1 camaros so the MILs that work with the Fbodies will work on our cars. also, the full O2 simulators will work as well. i need to find a plug & play solution because i still want the rear O2 in so no one raises an eyebrow...

tomorrow i think mine is gonna get a little meaner sounding too

03-21-06, 06:49 PM
i still have both o2 sensors and the cats house lol. so no one thinks the cats dead.

03-21-06, 09:51 PM
the cats alive? lol

03-21-06, 10:04 PM
lol. just drop the exhaust and take a big drill bit, a screw driver, a hammer, and a vacum (optional) and go at it.

03-21-06, 11:44 PM
i have a 3ft long flat head screwdriver that does a wonderous job

with a 4 ft crowbar that's not too far behind :want: :thumbsup:

03-21-06, 11:47 PM
i have a 3ft long flat head screwdriver that does a wonderous job

with a 4 ft crowbar that's not too far behind :want: :thumbsup:

you woulnt need it. just a nice size bit to make room then take a big flathead and break it apart. i will come apart pretty easy. and when you drill it it will turn into like a dust. its pretty neat. the cat is also to sections about 4inchs long each.

STS 310
03-22-06, 08:49 PM
Ive used a couple of MILFS with no problems.

Oh you said M I L.


03-22-06, 09:12 PM
I was thinking it...STS310 said it. I just didn't have the heart to do it. Figured someone else would have thought of it sooner. Grats STS310! :thumbsup:

03-22-06, 10:55 PM
personally i love MILF's too...but haven't had the chance to try one out :thumbsup:

03-23-06, 05:27 AM
What does MIL stand for in this case? I've heard it as malfunction indicator light... but that's not what you're talking about.

03-23-06, 11:34 AM
well, MIL does stand for malfunction indicator light...but i think somehow the conversation got skewed...

now it seems like the topic is MILF's - or MOMS I'D LIKE to F$&^

03-24-06, 03:19 AM
And I know Exactly what those are :thumbsup:

But reading it again I know you were originally talking about anyway.