: 1999 escalade owner NEEDS HELP

03-21-06, 11:43 AM
Hey guys just picked up my 1st escalde got a prett good deal on it its a 1999 with only 45K on it (really good miles for that year) got it for a decent price of 13K. Well heres the problem i just bought a billit grill for it and its a overlay. I want to put the cadillac emblem from my stock grill onto the billit one. Is that possible if so how do u get it off? thanks guys

03-21-06, 11:47 AM
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'06 QuickSilver
03-21-06, 11:57 AM
Maybe this helps ?

Checks pics # : 25-29


03-21-06, 12:43 PM
thanks alot, hopefully the 1999's are similiar.