: 94 Eldorado 4.6 starting problem

03-20-06, 06:30 PM
Need some advice, Been having this problem for a while now, When trying to start the car the dash lights and interior lights go out but the headlights stay the same, After trying for a while the car starts, Lately it's been happening more frequently, Changed the battery but same problem, Any help would be appreciated........Thanks...

03-20-06, 06:40 PM
I'm Not A Mech. I Have A '94 Eldo My Mother-in Law Owned This Car B-4 Me She Had a Simular Problem It Might Be A Sensor

1993 eldorado green1
03-20-06, 06:51 PM
i had 1 that did something similiar, it was a bad ignition switch..

03-20-06, 06:59 PM
I Never Had Ing. prob With caddy I Had That Kind Of Prolem With Ford

03-21-06, 01:25 AM
When I had my Eldorado totally dying intermittently (didn't post about it), it was a loose power feed to the entire "panel" on the driver's side wheel well. It's toward the bottom of the cluster of fuse and relay panels, tighten with a ratched. Disconnect your battery first as it's a fairly tight space to work a ratchet and arc welding your hand will not be fun.

On my car, everything would die but the headlights would keep working.

03-22-06, 09:31 AM
Thanks, I'll try anything right now......

Rob Benham
03-22-06, 03:19 PM
Mine's a 94 SLS 4.6

The interior lights do go our during cranking, that's okay.

For cars with a resistor key. Make sure that your display is on, and that you do not see ‘STARTER DISABLED WAIT 3 MINUTES' message.

Does the starter solenoid go over? ...it will make quite a loud clack every time the key is turned to the crank position.

If yes, then the solenoid or the starter might be the problem.

If not.

The wire to the starter is separate right from the relay to the battery. It runs under the engine cover near to a point just above the serpentine belt.

Check that the voltage is okay ON THAT WIRE, RIGHT ON ITS BATTERY LUG, NOT THE BATTERY NUT OR THE OTHER WIRE. EDIT this must be while cranking, so you will need a helper. if no meter, a bulb and two wires can tell you all you want to know. again, if the color of the light goes from bright/bluish to redish and dimmer, then the voltage on the bulb is obviously way below 12v

We know the voltage is okay on the other wire cos the headlights work. I'm assuming that they stay nice a bright, not go down to a yellow color.

Let us know. Rob