View Full Version : Anyone had a nav disc get stuck in the player?

03-20-06, 05:49 PM
So I go to take the nav disc out to play a dvd and the damn thing jammed; won't come out but will still play (the disc can be read but is stuck inside). What can I do short of going to dealer and having them replace the unit, which means a few more days of downtime?? I already had a cd get stuck in the 6 disc changer a few months back and that was a PITA. wtf, why does nothing on this car work properly. i just wanna punch through this computer screen right now, but instead i'll go throw some donuts in the street...

03-20-06, 05:57 PM
Take it to the dealer if you've tried everything.Never throw donuts.

03-20-06, 06:21 PM
LOL - Reminds me when I used to have my 1978 Trans AM with a cassette player. When I pushed the eject button, the cassette wouldn't eject, so I'd push the buttom and bang second gear, whola - the cassette would eject :-}.

Better off taking the car back to the dealer.