: EXT wheels/tires Please Help!

Lade Up
03-20-06, 05:40 PM
I have an Escalade EXT 2002 with 20" Vogue rims and I need to buy new tires but I'm not sure what would look/ride best. I currently have Goodyear Eagle GTII 285-50-20 tires and could stick with the same, but I'm thinking about switching to a Goodyear Eagle LS2 275-55-20 or even a Goodyear GTII 305-50-20. Do any of you have advice on which would look best with a 20" rim? Or even better....pictures of these tires? I also need to find a replacement Vogue Tyres wheel cap for one of my rims that has either gone missing or been stolen. If anyone knows a good place to look I'd appreciate it. Thanks for your help, I really like the site.

Steelhead Jess
03-20-06, 06:28 PM
Is this your wheel?

I found them and others like it (Vogue I believe) from what appears to be a sponsor of this site. www.lakeshorewheelandtire.com (http://www.lakeshorewheelandtire.com)

They have the caps for $30. Problem is, my caddy symbol is flaking off the gold. I am worried that if I order new center caps, I will just have the same problem.