View Full Version : Aftermarket radio question

03-20-06, 01:18 PM
I am installing my old Alpine head unit in our 2000 Escalade, and I am wanting to bypass the Onstar since we are not subscribed to it, and I am wanting to avoid purchasing the $160 harness for the Onstar module. Does anyone know which factory wires I need to splice into my head unit's wiring?? What I am getting is no speaker static or sound at all when the head unit is on. it is receiving radio signal, but nothing coming over the speakers. I have been told that without the module, the Onstar will not work, and the speakers won't play. I have heard from numerous people that there are wires from the factory wire harness that can be spliced over to bypass the onstar all together, and make my speakers work. Any help would be great!!

03-20-06, 02:09 PM
just use a non onstar harness. the only reason you'd need the module is if you wanted to keep onstar.

03-20-06, 03:17 PM
I was told that since I have the Bose system I need the harness otherwise the speakers will not work. So I am using a normal GM harness and I get power to the radio and all, but no sound from the speakers what-so-ever. Do you know if there are any wires in particular that I need to splice together?? They said that I am needing to find a carry-over remote wire that activates the amplified speaker system. Whatever that means.