: B&M and Bushings

03-20-06, 12:51 PM
Once I got the V back from the Goodyear dealer I decided it was time to install my B&M shifter and bushings, and here are my findings:

THE KIT: simple and complete, made with quality pieces throughout.

THE SHIFT KNOB: the removal instructions in the Caddy FAQ's are PERFECT! The knob popped off with very little trouble and I certainly didn't smash my hands into anything.

THE BUSHINGS: after reading about how difficult the new bushings can be to get installed, I decided to trim the smaller of the two shoulders down so the clamp would slip over more easily, then lubed the bushings with grease. The clamp eased over the bushings with no problems at all, and it was apparent from the moment I saw the stock bushings these replacements would be a great help.

INSTALLATION: I can't speak for the UUC or Mallet shifters, but the B&M is a one person job EXCEPT for one procedure, and that is: running the bolts from the bottom of the car up through the shifter retainer collar. If you don't have someone to hold the collar in place while threading the bolts from the bottom I don't know how you'd get it together. Other than that it's a piece of cake and I didn't have to drop the exhaust (B&B with an "X" pipe).
One thing I noticed in the different threads I've read regarding the B&M shifter regarded noise, and the fact the B&M shifter is of a smaller diameter than the stock one. To "combat" a possible problem or annoyance I took a heavy sock (yes, a sock) and cut it up so I could use it as a "filler" around the shifter, thereby taking up the slack between the shifter and the rubber boot. After slipping the sock under the rubber boot I zip-tied it all in place and put the shift knob and boot back in place. I chose a sock because it is a) compliant and would conform without binding b) would deaden vibration c) would help dampen noise from under the car, and it worked great.

RESULTS: AWESOME! OMFG! I read numerous threads from people after they installed their shifters (various brands), and wondered how a shifter could make so much difference. Well, I've now joined the crowd of people who've drunk from the aftermarket shifter Kool-Aid, and I'm intoxicated. Unbelievable difference. Don't hesitate, just order one and install it! Oh yeah, make sure you've got a heavy sock available if you use the B&M, it worked to perfection. My shifter is no more noisy then stock.

03-20-06, 09:31 PM
Told ya' so. I love my B&M, too. No sock fer me, left her nekkid. I like to hear that tiny bit of synchro music. You got CAGS eliminator I trust!

03-22-06, 04:06 PM
Yep, built my own eliminator using a Weatherpak connector, which I hollowed out so the resistor would fit inside so the unit is in line and virtually undectable, unless someone REALLY knows there isn't supposed to be a connector in there.
BTW - I don't know what I'd do without my faithful little sock, it gives me great comfort on those chilly NorCal nights :-)

03-24-06, 01:29 PM
what bushings.....what do they do.....and where did u buy them, and the $? Thanks.

03-24-06, 02:32 PM
what bushings.....what do they do.....and where did u buy them, and the $? Thanks.Contact James at Lindsay Cadillac, if he has any left. Thirty bucks, I believe, plus shipping for a total of around forty bucks.

I still have to put mine in. :thepan:

03-24-06, 02:45 PM
I was beat to the punch about James at Lindsay, but here's his contact info:
(703) 647-8628

The shifter in our cars is "located" under the floor and above the trans on two long rods which extend from near the front of the trans towards the rear where the shifter is. The rods pivot at their forward location and the shifter is bolted to the rods, BUT where the shifter bolts to the rods there bushings to help dampen the feel and vibration. Problem is, the stock bushings are of a very low durometer, so somebody devised a high durometer version to replace the crappy stock ones.

When you get your bushings (or already have them) you'll notice there is a "shoulder" at each end, one about twice the height as the other. I would REALLY advise you shave down the smaller of the two shoulders, almost eliminating it, so as to facilitate installation. Since the larger of the two shoulders is what actually "captures" the bushing and holds it in place there is no harm in this mod.
I know this may sound odd if you haven't seen the bushings, but once you see them and take the shifter apart it will all be very apparent.

Good luck.

PS - I bought my bushings from James only a couple weeks ago, so maybe you'll get lucky and he'll still have some. If so, they are WAY worth it and his service is outstanding. He had mine to me in two days from across the country.

03-24-06, 08:17 PM
FYI I dont recommend taking off the small step. That is what keeps them from backing out. Just grease the hell out of them during the install and clean them after the install. Trust me, I had them made..and added the step for this purpose.

Lindsay Cadillac
03-24-06, 10:19 PM
04CTSVFLA - Sent you a reply to your pm...

I agree with Marty 100%, lube those babies up real good and don't cut the shoulders off... :D