: Suspension Experts - I Need Help!

03-20-06, 11:16 AM

As I have stated on a couple of other threads, I have some CCWs on order (19x9front and 19x10rear) and Toyo T1Rs (245/40front and 285/35rear). I know Lastss had an issue with the 10" rear wheels being too wide and rubbing when lowering springs are used. My question is: should I call CCW up and see if they can change my rears to 9.5" or will I be able to make the 10" rears work,when lowering the car, somehow (with Ground Control)? The reason I want to lower the V will be mostly for aestetic value, so I really hope something will work. Need advice guys. Thanks in advance.


03-20-06, 11:22 AM
It will be close with the 285's. I've got 295's on my CCW rears (19 x 10) and if my car was lowered they would rub. If you run a lot of negative camber you could get away with it but it might look funny in the rear.


03-20-06, 11:41 AM
Thanks ssmith100,

I agree that the amount of negative camber to make it work would probably look weird. What about some kind of spacer that pushes the whole wheel out further (then also having to roll the fenders)? Would that be something that would work?

03-20-06, 11:49 AM
Parker and I both have our fenders rolled and they still rub. Parker's car is lowered and mine is not. If I hit a very big bump though my tire will hit the fender. Adding spacers to move the wheel out would make matters worse. This is what my car with 295's looks like from the rear. As you can see the tire would rub.


03-20-06, 01:05 PM
CCW doesn't make a 9.5" for our cars.

As posted, 285s will be better than Shane's 295s, roll your fenders, and you should be able to lower it... just not as much (1") as you could with smaller wheels.

And keep in mind your talking about trading handling/stick for looks. The 10" wheels will give you more rear grip then the 9.5"... even if the car is sitting a little higher.

03-20-06, 01:14 PM
I had to roll my rears to accomodate my Eibach kit and 10" wide rims (275's on the tire). Don't run 'em without fixing your fenders, cos you may end up chewing up some tire when they rub against the fenders.

I cut one of my $270 tires up real good cos I was impatient, and ignorant. I was also distracted cos the 9" front wheel was actually rubbing on the suspension so I had to send them back to be narrowed. Mine are iForged, so the measurements may be different,

03-20-06, 06:20 PM
Good advice CTS-VPaco. As soon as I decide to put on lowering springs I will have the guys in the shop roll the fenders too. In the mean time, I guess I had better be careful and not bottom out or drive too crazy. Peace out.