: Clean Sweep??

03-19-06, 10:40 PM
Anyone use the JL Audio CleanSweep? Here are some pics of what I installed including the cleansweep, infinity amp, infinity component and coaxial interiors, phoenix gold sub 12".....if anyone has been thinking of goin this way, I highly suggest it. It sounds incredible and gives you an aux input for an MP3player(I have a non Ipod).....

ndogg ct
03-20-06, 06:51 AM
do you still have your stock headset??if so how exactly is this tied into this?
do you have to run an extra power to the battery?thanks!!

03-20-06, 07:14 AM
Yes it uses the stock headunit...it gets tied into everything thru the cleansweep......headunit to the clean sweep using the existing wire that runs into the stock amp, then you hookup your after market amps and for the interior speakers, you can hook up again the existing wires that would go from the stock amp to the speakers and connect them to the after market outputamp...... Yes you have to run a power wire from the battery back to the trunk. This gives power to the cleansweep, and the amplifiers that are in the trunk......

Texan V
03-20-06, 10:39 AM
Which one do you have?

I see that there are three different ones:

Can anyone explain the differences in these different models to an un-audiophile?


03-20-06, 11:37 AM
There aren't three different ones. The CL441dsp is the actual Clean Sweep and the CL-SSI is a summing device for the factory amplifier. The CL-SES is for additional aux inputs. For the Clean Sweep to work at 100% you MUST have a summing device. The factory Bose amplifier's output to the factory speakers are crossed over and EQ enhanced. The Clean Sweep will eleviate that problem. I have replaced all speakers in my V and added subs. Right now I'm just using the output of the factory amp to the inputs of my JL Audio amps. All is working great except for the Bose amp crossover freqs and EQ.

There are a bunch of manufacturers coming out with OEM signal interfaces that look like they will be better than the CLean Sweep. Rockford Fosgate is making the new 3 sixty.1 and .2 which sum the factory signal and flatten it all in one module. Alpine and two other manufacturers are coming out with similar devices.

I'm not knocking the Clean Sweep in any way as all the components in my car are JL but there are going to be better alternatives. I've spoken many times with Manville Smith with JL Audio and had this same discussion. JL will be releasing at a later date an all one piece unit but it will be a while.


03-20-06, 11:44 AM

Nice install. Did you ever consider mounting your amps under the rear decklid?? I've got my 300/4 and 500/1 mounted under there and kept all my trunk space. I'll be posting some updated pics of my install but this will give you an idea of what I did.


03-20-06, 12:46 PM
FlyFlip420, I was told by JL that if I used the inputs to the factory amp for the inputs to the cleansweep, that I would loose balance/fade and DSP. Is this true with your setup?

I have everything to do a killer install, but was waiting to get a summing device.

03-20-06, 01:06 PM

To answer your question..........yes. If you want to use the Clean Sweep (correctly) you will need to wait for there summing device to start shipping or use something like the Audio Control LC8 to sum the channels. I have researched all of this to the max and spoke with just about every tech at JL.


03-20-06, 03:25 PM
Right, that's also what I've been told, so I wanted to see if the practice was the same as the theory with Flip's setup and he's just doing without those features.

03-20-06, 03:27 PM
Correct. You will lose your fading capability...NOt balance!! this is not a big problem though as you can do it on your amp....Rockford Fosgate is coming out with one, but at a $300-$600 price tag, im content with what I have! Also I dont remember seeing an aux input for the rockford. Im sure there should be one, I dont remember. As for waiting, you can always wait for something better, but then you will have nothing!! The only thing I lost was the fade, not a big deal cuz Its set on the amp, and once its set you just leave it anyway....AS far as the clean sweep not being used correctly, the thing sounds amazing and Im extremely satisfied with it! And with Rockford, I have never had good luck with their amps or subs, this is just my opinion as I have had friends that never had a problem, but I have never had good luck and its more expensive so it wasnt an option.

03-20-06, 03:28 PM
As for mounting the amps on the deck, thats an excellent idea and looks really good!!! I think im going to have to measure and make sure mine will fit.......Good job

03-20-06, 05:51 PM
i have the cleansweep and when i turn it all the way down i get a pop...when i use the factory volume knob...its like having 2 volume controls..

03-20-06, 07:41 PM
You get a pop? I have never gotten a pop....thats strange

03-20-06, 10:34 PM
i have the cleansweep and when i turn it all the way down i get a pop...when i use the factory volume knob...its like having 2 volume controls..

You may want to take your CleanSweep back and have it replaced. I've heard from a couple of different sources that the pre production / early production units had problems with popping that was supposed to be corrected with a software upgrade. I also have a CleanSweep and I've never had any popping noises.

An annoying static hiss coming from the left front channel... now that's a different story. .

03-21-06, 08:20 AM
Really? I have not had any problems with mine.....just like in anything though, problems do happen

03-21-06, 12:39 PM
The instructions say to not use the factory volume if at all possible, as the "equalization" can change with volume differences in the factory radio.

FlyFlip, did you loose anything else...like DSP? If Fader is the ONLY thing lost, then it's something I could easily live without, like you said, it can be done on the amps.

03-21-06, 02:33 PM
If you use JL's summing device you will not loose the fader. It accepts front/rear/subwoofer input and converts to full range front and rear to go to the Clean Sweep. The only outputs on the Bose amp that are close to being full range are the front doors. The Clean Sweep can take that output and convert it but it won't be a true flat full range signal. It will work as others have done it that way, but using the summing piece with the Clean Sweep would be the best way to go.


03-21-06, 02:53 PM
As for the DSP, Im assuming it works because it changes the sound of the music for cds and radio!! But as ssmith said it could just be the front sound playing through all of them.....dont think so though....
Just pulled the trigger today on the new JL 12W6V2 12" subwoofer............Hits soooo damn hard

03-21-06, 06:20 PM
Actually, looking at the schematic, it indeed looks like the factory radio only outputs two channels, which are labeled as the front. This would explain the loss of fader. DSP would also be lost as it would no longer be timed from all 4 speakers, you'll still hear the difference, but it's as SS said. For some reason I assumed the radio had 4 low level outputs.:confused: Looks like I'll be getting the cleansweep CL-SSI summing device after all!

Notice the lack of "rear" channels on the radio

Yes, W6s are some NICE subs!

03-21-06, 06:31 PM
Do you really use the DSP? I didnt know anyone used it! I always just keep it on normal.....I listened to it more today and actually changed the settings......Not the same....but like I said I dont use it....I dont have the bose, I changed out my interiors and sub, why would I want to use some crappy DSP on the stock headunit thats matched for the stock speakers anyway? My system is matched for my speakers, screw a dsp.....eventually I will add the summing device, just for the movies, but considering how much I dont watch movies in my car, Im not to worried about having all for speakers different......

03-21-06, 08:45 PM
DSP does more than just make the factory speakers sound better, it changes the timing of the music which is supposed to make it sound better. I leave mine on spacious, and it does make a large enough difference over normal for me to want to keep it.
My Clarion setup in my Mustang goes further with DSP and adds different environments, concert hall, cathederal, jazz club, etc... It can change a song completely.

To each their own though!!!:thumbsup:

03-21-06, 08:57 PM
Doesnt that first sentence contradict itself or sound funny??........does more than make it sound better, but makes it sound better......... but, Your absolutely right it can change the way a song sounds......and to each their own...I personally just like to hear it in normal.....just like my home receiver comes with about 10 different DSP's but I never use them....IMO they dont sound as good as just plain stereo....This is why I love this forum.....great opinions and it helps you make your own decision based on what you hear and can afford at the time....thats the nice thing about car audio, you can do it in steps......

03-22-06, 02:24 PM
Ya it does...What I was trying to get across is that it wasn't designed to get the speakers themselves to sound better, that's more of the EQ's job. DSPs main function is to get the soundstage to sound better thru timing changes.
In your house you can sit in the speakers sweet spot, but in a car you can't.
I changed to the driver seat DSP and while I did not like the overall sound, it did bring the vocals right in front of me.

03-22-06, 03:43 PM
I know I was just messing around....its hard to feel out someone tone through typing.......