: 98deville whole computer lit up

03-19-06, 08:48 PM
I just bought this deville from an older man changed air filter and coolant. the cars not registered but my father and i ran it on my street when he floored it the whole dash lit up and the car almost stalled . when he let off the car was fine no noise thin white smoke like nothing ever happened . So is this just a carbon build up or a result of never really being pushed? the car will be registered this week and i'll have it on the highway first thing. Should I be worried or just needs to be driven?

03-19-06, 08:59 PM
That's strange. Not sure what would make the dash light up like that. Chck the battery cables.

03-19-06, 09:23 PM
Take your car to autozone or similar, and have them test your alternator. They can do it in-car, for free.

03-19-06, 09:27 PM
Check the cable where the power goes into the terminal and fuse block on your driver's side wheel well in the engine compartment. You will have to pull the black plastic cover off, not just the little door on it. This happened to my Eldorado, the nut's easy to tighten, just don't overtighten it.

03-22-06, 12:54 AM
Thanks zorb . no problems after that ?

03-22-06, 02:14 AM
None at all.