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03-19-06, 04:13 PM

OK, so out of my frutration I posted earlier to another thread. I have had my Catera since 2003. Bought it with 53,000 miles. I really like the ride but my husband has just today put a "for sale" sign on it. In the year 2005 we spent $6,000 + in repairs. The latest problem is that the break lights go on after the car has been turned off and parked. This causes battery drain and then the car must be jumped. The Cadi. dealer can't seem to figure this one out either. I had the car in the shop in February for a second oil pump replacement due to a loss of oil pressure (again). At that time the dealer told me it was time to consider parting with the car. But I know I can't afford a new one and this one is really unique in looks. Any suggestions for fixing the brake light problem? I really don't want to sell my car.

03-19-06, 08:37 PM
If you've spent 6K in repairs in one year, I'd consider parting with this car too. There are plenty of well maintained, low mileage Cadillacs out there that won't give you these headaches, yet still provide a silent, smooth ride - as good or better than your Catera.