View Full Version : Diry relief valve causing loss of oil pressure?

01-11-04, 08:40 AM
Rockin a 94 eldo, and I just started getting this problem. After about 20 minutes of driving under nearly any condition (highway OR city) the "STOP ENGINE" "LOW OIL PRESSURE" messages came up in my display. They don't show up AT ALL without running the car for at least that long. I have heard that the relief valve connected to the oil pump in these cars gets dirty and causes the pump failure, but I had assumed that it was a terminal failure, not an intermittent one. Meaning the pump would fail completely and not function again when the engine was restarted. Seems to me that when the motor heats up, the valve malfunctions and cuts the pump.
Any thoughts?
Obviously I'm lookin for some help on this one, does anyone know what I have to replace to fix this? Would a valve/pump replacement be best? Or should I pull the whole mess apart just to clean the valve?
Also, what kind of seals should I buy, which ones go first (she's sprayin a little oil down there) while I have this abortion of an engine bay apart?

thanks all.

01-11-04, 09:52 AM
The 93 - 95 Northstar engines could loose prime of the oil pump due to debris sticking the oil pump pressure control valve. Does the engine have oil pressure??? Open the oil fill cap with the engine running and watch the cams and cam bearings to see if oil is seeping out that would indicate oil pressure to the cylinder head. If the engine has no oil pressure there is a VERY simple fix...overfill the oil sump by 8 quarts (8 quarts extra) start the engine and rev to 4000 several times, shut off the engine, drain the oil to the correct level. The additional oil fill will force prime the pump and blow the debris out of the pressure relief valve. Check the oil pressure sending unit as well your oil pressure may be fine and your problem could be the sensor....