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03-18-06, 10:38 PM
Big news for any diesel fanatic ....The Audi R10 wont he 12 hours of sebring ...First win for a Diesel at sebring , let alone in sportscar racing ...

The heart of the Audi R10 is a completely new V12 TDI engine with a cubic capacity of 5.5 litres – the maximum permitted at Le Mans. Audi ventures into previously unexplored diesel-engine terrain with power exceeding 650 hp and torque of more than 1100 Newton metres from the V12 power plant.

“This engine is the specifically most powerful diesel there is in the world and, up until now, the biggest challenge that Audi Sport has ever faced in its long history,” explains Ulrich Baretzky, Head of Engine Technology at Audi Sport. “There has never been anything remotely comparable. We started development with a clean sheet of paper.”

The V12 TDI used in the R10 is the first Audi diesel engine with an aluminium crank case. The cylinder-bank angle is 90 degrees. The V12 TDI has, like Audi production car engines, four valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts. The fuel induction is made by a modern “Common Rail System”. The injection pressure easily exceeds the 1600 bar achieved in production cars. The ignition pressures also reach values never previously seen in any Audi engine.

The engine’s power and the high torque are available to the driver practically from idling speed – a speciality of diesel technology, to which the Audi drivers must now become accustomed. The usable power band lies between 3000 and 5000 revs per minute.

03-18-06, 11:35 PM
Impressive. Mercedes played around with the SL model with a twin turbo V8 common rail diesel that ran SL55 speed. 0-60 under 5 seconds. It wasn't ever produced commercially though.

03-18-06, 11:43 PM
Just save me from having to watch TIVO. :want:

03-19-06, 01:13 AM
As my buddy and I were standing in line to buy tickets at the movie theater at 9:30, he was bitchin about not being able to watch the last half hour. I just turned to him and said, "You know the AUDI's are gonna win..." He nodded and said, "Yeah, I know but I still wanted to watch it." Kinda funny looking back on it now (it was only four hours ago), seeing that they actually did win. I had a feelign those AUDI's were going to do well.

03-19-06, 10:32 AM
Audi is unstopable for the long races ...i think the Porsche RS Sypder will beat on audi at a few "sprint" events this year , that car looks very strong , and runs very good times for a car that is in a slower class then the Audi ..

But looking back , Audi usually ends up dominateing every series it runs in ....Banned out of one series , ends up in another ...even the rule changes in sevral series have come about due to audi ...I remeber when 4 door quattros dominated trans am ...

03-19-06, 10:45 AM
The no replacing of an entire rear end was brought out by Audi too. My damn DVR recorded 28 minutes of the race. I was ticked when I got home from work and saw that. How did the Vette's do? Saleen? Arg.

03-19-06, 10:49 AM
the vettes were split up by the astons ...best battle of the race was max papis trying to pass the #007 aston (im not kidding that was the cars number) with 5 minutes to go ....max tried everything but the aston has just enough of a HP advanage that it could open up a .5 second gap after the strights ....

not sure where the saleen ended up ....

El Dobro
03-19-06, 12:19 PM
The Saleens were 5 and 6 after the Vettes and Astons.

03-19-06, 06:00 PM
Big news for any diesel fanatic ....The Audi R10 wont he 12 hours of sebring ...First win for a Diesel at sebring , let alone in sportscar racing ...


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Sidenote, in the latest issue of Car and Driver, they did a cross country race in diesel beaters. They had a '80 Mercedes Benz of some sort, an 83 Datsun Maxima and an '82 Oldsmobile Delta Eighty Eight with the diesel 350, and guess what won? The Oldsmobile!

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03-20-06, 06:53 AM
BMW had some wins with diesel in racing since years ago (1997?) I believe and Volkswagen has been doing rally with diesel. Volkswagen has been racing with TDI printed in large on the car letting people wonder who this sponsor was... :)