03-18-06, 03:54 PM
These are interesting folks.

I bought my second Cadillac DeVille from them. Never had much service with them since that car never had any issues. I thought the car was great so I felt they did me right.

Bought my current 98 Cadillac Eldorado from them:thepan: and I suppose I should have been more careful but I liked the car.

When we took the car for a test drive, right away the battery was dead. NOW REMEMBER, this was supposed to be a Dealer CERTIFIED CAR!

They replaced the battery and the test drive was great. ok, I bought the car! :thumbsup:

Had it in for new owner challenges, including a door seal that was sticking out , a knock in the front that turned out to be a bad strut (shouldn't Mr GoodWrench have seen that during the CERTIFICATION?) and they found scratches in the sun roof glass. I would have been happy if they would have adjusted the glass so it did not rub again but they insisted that it had to be sent out for replacement. :thepan:

When the car came back, the old sunroof glass was in my back seat, the right rear tail light was chipped and some paint just behind the tail light was gone exposing metal and the body had some light scratches in the paint. :rant2: Remember, I just bought this car.

Also, this dealership has an auto car wash that uses brushes to clean your car. My car is/was a highly polished BLACK car and the brushes left micro scratches all over the body. In the sun, I didn'n even recognize my own car until I looked at the license plates. :want: I did write a letter to the owner, Mr Weil, about the Brush damage from the washer but they just replaced the brushes again on the auto car wash. They really listen to the customer, and no response either.

They ended up buffing the car out to removed the micro scratches (they still have the brush car wash) took the old glass out of my back seat area and denied any problem with the right rear tail light or paint that was missing.:tisk:

Had an outside trim issue so took it in and had the oil changed and Mr GoodWrench got gobs of something all over my fender, he didn't use a fenderskirt. When I looked at the rest of the mechanics, NONE of them were using fenderskirts on any of the cars. :tisk:

It seems whenever I bring the car in for service, they manage to do something to it and have to fix it.

I keep hoping that these are isolated cases, as there isn't another close place for service but they keep repeating their ignorance toward the customers vehicles.:confused: HOW DO THEY STAY IN BUSINESS?????:bigroll:

I don't know if I should recommend them, cause I really like my car, or to tell people to avoid them like the plague.

These are my issues and I don't know how anyone else makes out with this dealership. Maybe its was just my lucky day! :bigroll: What do you think?