: Need Valve Body Torque Secs ASAP Please

03-18-06, 03:06 PM
Hi all, I'm doing the infamous shift soenoid replacement today. I thought I brought everything I would need. I brought my main service manual because I thought the second book only covered the motor. Turns out it covers the motor and trans.

I have a 1996 ETC

If anyone with a northstar repair manual could look up the torque specs for the valve body and trans pan screws I would greatly appreciate it.

I have tried searching for this info of course and the closest I found were posts telling people to make sure they torque it properly, but no specs. I will even take peoples oppinons on the approximate specs. My torque wrench is calibrated in in./lbs.

My service manual is like 100 miles away and I would like to get this job done and done right today.


03-18-06, 04:05 PM
The Upper Control Valve Body is 8-9.5 lbs-ft.
Lower Control Valve Body is 6-10 lbs-ft.
And the oil pan to case is 8-9 lbs-ft.
This is from my 2000 Seville service manual, but I would assume everything is the same.

03-18-06, 06:47 PM
Thanks, I got it all back together and runnin like a Cadillac should.

But now I see a oil leak that needs fixin.