: This nearly happened tonight....

03-17-06, 07:02 PM
I use another forum called Tyresmoke, its a performance car forum, our very own Kev is a member, anywya I was reading through this, one of the "big" members posted this:

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Visit from the Police
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Per the 'BIG trouble' thread, a short while ago there was a knock at our front door and two Police Officers asked if I was 'Mr Me'.

It wasn't about the other thread. It was purely coincidental. So phew for that.

Anyway they said "Nothing to worry about sir, but could we have 10 minutes of your time please?". Ermmm, yes, okay then, come in.

Of course as soon as they came into the house our 3 year old, who yet again had woken up mid-evening, screamed the bloody place down at the sight of two Policemen!!!!

I can't go into the full details of the conversation in respect of publishing all the things that were spoken about, but basically what they told me was quite shocking.

Tonight, they had pulled over a car in the area. Approximately 3 hours ago, so late afternoon/early evening. It was reported as behaving suspiciously in the vicinity of a house about a mile from where we live. On the drive of the house was a new Porsche 911 C2S.

In the car were 3 blokes. A patrol car was dispatched and when the officers in the car engaged in conversation with the gentlemen driving the car they called in another car.

I'm leaving quite a bit out here.

Ultimately, in the car was a list. On that list was my address. Against my address were the words "6 series cabriolet".

Are you getting the jist of this?

Alongside it were a number of figures that they believe to be times of day. My address was the next address on the list after the address at which the 911 was.

It would appear that these gentlemen planned to try to steal my car tonight. In the words of the Police Officers, they believe it would have been irrelevant whether I was in the house or not. That would have been interesting.

Fecking hell. This isn't my day, or rather, this is my day!!!! Jesus christ. Thank feck for whomever it was that reported the car for behaving suspiciously!!!!

They're going to ring me later tonight or tomorrow in respect of something I told them, because when they told me of the car they'd pulled over it rang a few bells with me. I'll update you over the weekend because they said it might be tomorrow before I hear from them depending on 'what materialisies in the interim'.

03-17-06, 09:37 PM
So they almost stole his car? I think I'd be parking it elsewhere for a few days.

03-17-06, 11:04 PM

This is a good one...keep us posted. No dicking around now. And more pics of claire please.


03-18-06, 03:24 AM
I'd post a link to the thread but it's in a private forum where you have to be a member to read it, and it seems pointless to sign up for the sake of readign one thread.

This is a post made an hour or so later by MrMe:

I think it's fairly safe me to expand on something I said above.

The car they mentioned had quite a distinctive feature about it. When they mentioned the type of car I immediately asked if it had this certain feature because my mind rang a very loud bell.

See, a car meeting this description pulled into our road a few weeks ago and I recall looking at it, and it's two occupants, and thinking 'dodgy looking buggers'. However, they didn't make eye contact with me and the car disappeared again. Then, about 3-4 days later (I can't recall the exact date) I spotted what I thought was the same car parked in a layby about 1/2 mile from where I live. I recall it pulled out and turned up another road shortly after I'd driven past it.

It just registered in my mind for some reason. Weird eh.

Well I guess I now know they weren't just admiring my devastatingly good looks and planning to come and offer to mow my lawn if I'd reveal the secrets of my undoubted sexual prowess.

The worrying part is this is close to where I live, it sort o worries me.

03-18-06, 03:34 AM
So they almost stole his car? I think I'd be parking it elsewhere for a few days.

The thing is. . . . . I know that area, it's an upmarket rich area, coastal homes, about two miles from my dad's house, I have noticed other posts he has made and that car is a garage queen, he has two other cars that he uses, the 6-Series is a car he uses for business trips and fun, because it is more comfortable over long journeys and his Audi A4. They were going to take his BMW either way, probably by entering the house for it.

It's a stunner, I'll get some pictures from the Tyresmoke gallery.

03-18-06, 03:39 AM
Here's the car in question.







03-18-06, 11:43 AM
That's a beautiful car, I'm sure it's a performance DEMON, but those tail lights scream "Chrysler Sebring" to me.

Moral of this story--don't post too much info on the web. Somebody's watching.

03-18-06, 11:45 AM
That's a beautiful car, I'm sure it's a performance DEMON, but those tail lights scream "Chrysler Sebring" to me.

Moral of this story--don't post too much info on the web. Somebody's watching.

Definately, although that member is very secrative about his details, note the blanked off plates.

I think it was just that someone had seen it and followed him home.

This would greatly freak me out.

03-18-06, 12:29 PM
Yeah...a good reminder to be careful about what you say. That's freaky!